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Dear All,
Earn Money From Blog 2.0 is now growing bigger. Earn Money From Blog 2.0 grow from 0-15 visitors a day to more than 250 visitors a day. The number of visitors coming to Earn Money From Blog 2.0 is growing fast. So, I finally decided to get some guest posts from all my blog readers.

Benefits of Guest Posting
Guest posting gives you the benefits of getting traffic from high traffic blog and get more quality backlinks to your blog as well. This will help you increase your blog traffic and your online presence.

Guest Posts Guidelines
Please follow the guidelines below, if we found out that you are not following the guidelines, we will remove your articles from Earn Money From blog 2.0 without any notice given.

  • Your posts MUST be original and written yourself.
  • Your posts MUST NOT be published on the Internet before.
  • You agree not to publish your posts anywhere else. (Example: Your own blog or as guest posts on other blogs)
  • You agree to reply to comments and check back your articles if there are any comments. If you fail to do so, we will remove your articles. (Note: Sometimes, there is no comment, so don't worry about this, we are not so strict after all. :) )

Guest Posts Format 
It would be best to follow the format below:
  • Please submit your posts in HTML format so that I can copy and paste to Blogger's text editor.
  • Primary Keywords in H2 tag.
  • Secondary Keywords in H3 tag.
  • Guest Posts Topics: Make Money Blogging, SEO Tips, Blogging Tips, Blogging (Contact Us if you have any new topics, thanks.)

Your Signature Format
In Earn Money Fro blog 2.0, we allow our guests to place your author byline in your articles.
  • You can include a link in your author byline at the bottom of your post.
  • Make sure the link to your website/blog is properly formatted.
  • Only 1 blog link allowed.
  • DoFollow Links will be given to Superb Quality articles (The quality of the articles are judged by us and our decision in final.)

Please follow the format below:

About the Author: Your Description Here and Your Blog Link.

How Often do I Check Email?
I will check my email almost everyday and within 24 hours. So, please bear with me if I do not reply your email or I do not published your articles yet.

Rejected Articles?
Don't worry, if I rejected your articles, I will contact your through email. Most probably I will tell you what to improve or I will give a reason why I do not publish your articles on Earn Money From Blog 2.0.

Submit your Guest Posts
If your articles fit the format stated above, you can submit your articles to me at You can include your articles in the body of the email or use attachment (word files). If you want me to read your articles fast, then include your full articles in the email body will be great because I am reading emails using my phone most of the time. It will not inconvenient for me to read your articles if it comes in attachment.

Format of Email:

Email Subject: Guest Post: Your Articles Title
Title: Your Articles Title
Your Author ByLine
Content of Your Articles

Bear in mind that we do not publish your articles once we receive it. We will read through it and inform you the publishing date.

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