Friday, May 3, 2013

My Thoughts after 3 days using Wealthy Affiliate!

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After 3 days using Wealthy Affiliate, going through the classrooms, discussions and getting started, I am  already totally amazed and totally satisfied with all the information it has to offer. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing site with the great management and respond Kyle and Carson in addition to all other professional internet marketer around.

To be really honest, after so many years blogging, learning, writing about making money online, rarely I would say this "I learnt new things!". I am totally amazed by Wealthy Affiliate. I get to know new people in the internet marketing and niches websites industry. There are so many successful and equally not-so-successful people (like me) on the Internet in Wealthy Affiliate. The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that we get to share among ourselves and learnt from each other. Kyle and Carson is hyper-active in Wealthy Affiliate and you can literally shoot any questions to Kyle through his email and get quick and informative response from him.

This is the print screen of my communication with Kyle. He is very helpful if you have anything to ask. You can have a look at our short communication.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

- online membership site
- forum, live chat, internet marketing tools and more
- free web hosting
- hyper-active admin and community
- filled with beginner to professional internet marketers

What is Wealthy Affiliate Offering?

Well, literally, you get EVERYTHING in Wealthy Affiliate. They have classrooms, webinar and bootcamps to teach you everything you need to know about making money online. Well, it is not making small money but making a real living by creating websites online. 

Anything about internet marketing, blogging and make money online is almost all available in Wealthy Affiliate. List building, PPC, website creation, setup web hosting, niche research, keyword research and more. You name it, Wealthy Affiliate got it!

They have topics talking about list buildings but you do not find in Wealthy Affiliate is the auto-responder tool. It is ok though, you can use Aweber or any other auto-responder.

Some of the very powerful tools I like about WA is that:

- WA provide free web hosting. You can create a lot of websites for free to test the skills you learn from WA.

Keyword Tools
- I am still not so sure how to use this but it is much simpler than using Google Adwords Keyword Tool. I will try it out and let you know very soon.

Live Chat
- This is like Facebook Status update. You can ask questions, answer other people's questions and learn together.

Rapid Writer Tool
- This tool I also not sure how to use but I am sure I will be using it soon. I am following all the lessons I will get to know this function very soon.

Emails from Kyle is the Real Value of WA

The next part I love so much is the emails from Kyle everyday. Kyle will send emails to you and give you videos training. You only have to follow the steps on daily basis and learn the methods to make money online.

I am now getting the 3rd Videos from Kyle about Creating Niches Websites. Still learning.

Some history of me:
I am NOT Totally new in this niches/keywords things. I have experience in keywords research, creating niches websites (in fact this blog is a niche blog), content creation, search engine optimization etc. I like WA is the responsive admin and knowledge they have put together in organized format. It is not easy to make it so organized. That amazed me. 

After joining WA, I learnt something new which is an addition to what I know and it is actually letting me know that among all the information  I have, which one I should be focusing on. That is important to me. Now, I know better than before and I am sure I can create great amount of wealth online.

What I learnt from WA - Learn and Share

The essence to make a lot of money online is to help a lot of people doing what you are doing and at the same time help them achieve a lot of success like you are. That is the essence of online success and that is what we called Learn and Share.

The first step of all success is Learn. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing site where you can learn a lot about making money online and you can do it just like anyone else. There are professionals and gurus making millions every year online and they are in WA. You can easily reach them in WA.

To learn to be successful, learn it from those who are already successful and living it.

Why sharing is important? Why not just keep it a secret so that we earn all the money? I admit that a lot of people will have the mindset - selfishness. Selfishness is expensive. The wealthiest person in the world is giving more than any average Joe in this world.

Look at Bill Gates. His foundation is giving out more money to all the needy people. Yet, he is still in the Top 5 most richest man in the world. Why?

The more you give, the more you get in return. 

Sharing is caring. When you help other people by sharing valuable information, they will remember your help and they will help you in return when you needed help.

This happens in WA. Kyle helped me understand more about DMOZ and now, I am writing such a long blog posts to talk about WA. I bet some of you might join Wealthy Affiliate after reading this post. Right?

I hope everyone of you reading this post here can get the most out of my blog and get the most from WA. It is really an amazing website to learn and make money online.

What to do Next?

Ok, now you have read my review about WA. I know I join for 3 days only, my review might not be accurate. All I have told you here is just the surface of WA. There are a lot more to tell.

Do ONE thing for me Today... right now...

Give yourself the opportunity to know more about WA, nothing to lose, it is free.

>> Right now, go to Wealthy Affiliate and let Kyle and Carson Guide you Step-By-Step to make money online. <<

It is free. Join, Read, Learn and make yourself educated for online success!

I hope to see you in WA and you can add me/follow me in WA. My username is sdas86.

Have fun and enjoy!

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


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