Saturday, April 20, 2013

$50 per day from MyLot? Is it EVEN Possible?

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I went back to MyLot to start becoming more active and hopefully can reach the payout soon. Then, I came across an interesting discussion where a person is trying to make 50 dollar ($50) per day from MyLot.

Well, the discussion is hot and there are a lot of responses from MyLotters. I think that it is not easy but it is achievable. Personally, I had reached up to $10.00 per day from MyLot alone. Well, that is not all based on discussions income, those were due to the tasks I didfor a person named Sharon Bucks. Those are the great old days.

Now, I still can reach $1.00 per day but I need to work a lot more harder to reach that amount.

I think you might want to read this "Make $50 per day from MyLot" discussion:
>> Making $50 per day from MyLot

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