Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Sell Your Photos to National Geographic | Make Money From Your Photos

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This is quite cool. Imagine that your photos are published on National Geographic. Isn't that amazing? I found out that besides selling our photos to stock photos sites, we can also sell our photos to National Geographic. National Geographic is actually accepting stock photos and they specially  setup a page to let enthusiast photographers submit their stock photos. It wouldn't be easy but it is always worth a try if you have great photos.

Do you know what is National Geographic? 
If you don't know National Geographic and then a simple explanation will be National Geographic is the world's largest and popular magazine or television program that is majoring in world's news, animals, cultures, history, people,natural science, geography and more.

National Geographic is filled of great amount of information about the world and beautiful photos around the world such as photos of environment, photos of people, photos of animals etc. I know that some of you here are good at photography and looking for ways to sell your photos to make some money. Would you like to try submit your photos to National Geographic? Get your photos published on the magazine, blog and their websites would surely help you gain high recognition and reputation in the world of photography.

How to Submit Photo to National Geographic
The possibility of National Geographic use your photos on their website or magazine is not so high because they have their own professional photographer team. But, if you are lucky, you are at the right place and the right time and your photos are relevant to their new topics, the chance that National Geographic use your
photos will be high.

National Geographic Stock Photo

Submit your photos to National Geographic using this link: Submit Photos

I am not sure how much money you can make if National Geographic accept your photos. But, I think that it will be more than $100.00 per photo. I never submitted any photos to National Geographic so I never get any photos approved by National Geographic, so I am not sure about their payment per photo. It should be a good payment since they are very popular and they are a large company.

Make sure you are submitting high quality photos to National Geographic. It is a good thing to do because if you submit low quality photos to National Geographic, you might give them a bad impression and wasting their time. They received thousands of photos everyday, so if you want your photos to standout among the crowd, please make sure your photos are of the best quality.

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