Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ContextWeb | AdSense Alternative to Make Money From Your Blog Using CPM Ads

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Contextual advertising is dominated by Google AdSense. Everyone can see AdSense ads on almost every websites. Sometimes, I personally feel that Google AdSense is becoming more and more ineffective if you want  to make money from blog. So, I start to seek some alternatives to Google AdSense and one of the very promising site I found is known as ContextWeb.

ContextWeb Contextual Advertising
ContextWeb pays publishers based on CPM (Cost Per Mile) impression generated on the ads. It means that publishers can make money on every impression generated on the ads. Normally, it is not easy for low traffic site such as blog to join CPM based advertising but for ContextWeb, they approves blog and low traffic site fast. Personally, I feel that this is a great way to make more money from our blog because the impression generated on the ads generate more money for us.

Some Benefits of ContextWeb Contextual Advertising
Other than it is CPM based, the best part of it is that publishers get to set their own price for impression. As a publisher, you name the AskPrice for your ads impression on your page. You can set any price for your ads but I recommend setting a proper acceptable price, not setting too high price for the ads.

For example, you set $2.00 for  300x250 Sidebar ads. ContextWeb will pay that amount to you! But they will not show ads to all your page impression. They show ads to US based visitors, unique visits, certain niche and keywords. The ads appearance on your site is based on fill rate.

If you get 5000 page view per day and you get fill rate of 40%, then it means the ContextWeb Ads are showing to 40% of your page views. So, what happen to the rest of the view? 3000 views will be filled by the ads you specify in the BakupTags of ContextWeb.

ContextWeb Backup Tags (AdSense, Amazon etc.)
Fill Rate 40% 60%
Number of Views 2000 3000

As you can see, the above table shows you based on 5000 views per day. 2000 page views will display ContextWeb Ads while 3000 will display the ads of Backup Tags. Backup Tags are the place you put in the Ads you are currently using on your blog such as AdSense Amazon, Clickbank etc. so that contextweb can show the ads when they do not have ads to show.

ContextWeb helps publishers to maximise their site income both way:
1. You set the AskPrice higher than your current CPM price, ContextWeb will try their best to pay you the highest.
2. You place Backup Tags and display ads when ContextWeb show no Ads to earn from otheradvertising network!

Types of Ads on ContextWeb

context web ads format

ContextWeb provides several types of ads formats. You can see the picture above, most of the ads format are high CTR format which will be performing very well on our blog.

You can join ContextWeb using the button below:

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.