Thursday, June 7, 2012

8 Reason Not to Update to Blogger Dynamic View

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I tried to create a new blog using Blogger Dynamic View today and I found that it is not user-friendly and we do not have much customization to the dynamic view. Although I feel that it is quite cool to have all the flipping effect,snapshot effect, sliding effect, sidebar effect etc. but there are more disadvantages than advantages to use the dynamic view of blogger.

Below is my list of disadvantages of Blogger's Dynamic View, you can read through to see whether you agree with me and share some thoughts in comment section. (We are do-follow, so please give some comments, we link back to your blog. :) )

#1 Adding Gadget But It is Not Showing
dynamic view adding gadgets not shown
I have tried add gadgets to my new blog using dynamic view; it is working and I added the gadgets perfectly but it is not showing on my blog after I save it. This is a big problem because if I add "HTML/JavaScript" gadgets to my blog to display additional things and it is NOT showing, then what is the usages of "Layout" for blogs in dynamic view?

#2 Moving and Positioning the Gadgets in Layout is Not Showing Changes
Then, I tried to move all the gadgets around and preview my blog. And again, it disappoints me. Moving and repositioning gadgets seems to have NO effect on the layout. Then, what is the "Layout" use for?

#3 We Cannot Choose to Fix The Dynamic View (Classic, Mosaic, Snapshot, Flipcard etc.)
Another thing I found out about dynamic view is that we do not have the choice to display our blog in the format we want. All the format appear visitors can simply choose the format they want to see our blog. This is a bad thing because if we fix our design for certain format but visitors get to change the type of dynamic views, then all our designs will be in a mess.

What I prefer is that Blogger can give the option to choose the format among Classic, Flipcard, Mosaic, Magazine, Sidebar, Snapshot or Timeslide.

#4 Edit HTML is Not Supported

edit html dynamic view not working
If you are using dynamic view, then Blogger do not have "Edit HTML" function for you. So, you cannot edit the HTML the way you like it. This means your blog lack the capability to support more customizations. So, if there are 100,000 blog using dynamic view, then your blog will look exactly the same like all the other 100,000 blogs. I do not know why Blogger do it like this, Blogger wants all the blogs wear the same "cloths" so that all blogger's blogs look so boring? (Well, no offence, just a small joke, but if you really imagine all blogs are having the same look, then it would be very boring though.)

#5 No Way to Add Gadgets to Place External Advertisers
Sometimes, when our blog grow so big and it is time to accept advertisers such as selling AdSpace, then dynamic view do not allow you to do so. It is because adding gadgets in dynamic views does not show up in our blog.

#6 No Jump Break
Jump break is no longer working in the dynamic view. So, if you are reading a blog posts, the whole blog posts will  be displayed.

#7 Positioning of AdSense Ads Are Limited
In our current blog design, we can customize our template to place AdSense ads around our blog posts or within our blog posts or use blogger conditional tags to do formatting. Since the positioning are limited, then everyone using dynamic view will be having the same positions and it will create AdSense blind.

(Note: Adsense blind is the effect that people do not notice the existence of AdSense ads because it appears too often and mentally, people automatically ignore it.)

#8 Lack of Social Integration
dynamic view lack social media integration
Blogger has integrated some social media in dynamic view but it is not up-to-date. Currently, the only support social medias are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Blogger do not provide other important social medias such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Pinterest etc. (Learn how to add floating social media button or social media bar to blog post)

All the disadvantages above are keeping me away from using the dynamic view of blogger. It is not as user-friendly for intermediate to advance blogger users but for beginners who like the fancy of dynamic effects, it would be good enough for them. Well, I think that the blogger's team are working hard for all the fix and new updates. :)

Are you using the dynamic view of blogger? Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.