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5 Sites to Make Money By Designing

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I have written about ways to make money by selling your own products using your own design, that method requires you to start an online web store, create design and finally place it for sales on your web store. I understand that most people do not like to sell physical products and some of you are not so keen to create design for physical products. So, in this article, I am going to share with you 5 sites that is dedicated to make money by designing. 

By using these 5 sites, you involve only in doing designs and sell your designs. This is way much simpler and way easier to make money online without involving any physical products. 

GraphicRiver is a site where graphic designers can make money by using their design skills. GraphicRiver has several sections in which graphic designers can submit their designs. The sections include background, photo templates, business cards, flyers, magazines, cards, web elements, photoshop, vectors, icon, fonts, logos and much more. The wide variety of categories in GraphicRiver suits almost every graphic designers to submit their designs. 

Graphic Left Overs is another site you can submit your designs. GraphicLeftOvers is a site where you can submit stock photos and other royalty free images. The price range ranging from $1 to$15 per image on GraphicLeftOvers. If you are doing stock photography, this site is good to submit your work as most of the images on GraphicLeftOvers are stock photos. The minimum payout is $50.00 and it is 52% commission site wide.

Design Crowd has a different concept as compared to GraphicRiver and GraphicLeftOvers. DeignCrowd is a site for people to work freelance. There are clients on DesignCrowd who will post graphic design projects for designers. They are looking for freelance designers to do their work. There are on average 101 projects available which include graphic design projects, website projects, logo design projects, banner design projects, brochure design projects, icon design projects, T-shirt design projects and more.

How Much Can You Earn Per Design Project:
Logo Design - $240.00 per project
Web Design - $320.00 per project
T-Shirt Design - $180.00 per project
Business Card Design - $180.00 per project
Poster Design - $180.00 per design

The amount of money you can make literally depends on how hard working you are and how many project s you can get. The money making opportunities is unlimited.

99 Designs is a very popular graphic design site. The concept of this site is graphic design competition. For people who are looking to buy designs, they need to hold competitions on 99Designs. They have to pay certain amount of money to the selected winners. Take a look at the table below for the earnings foreach contests.

The Payout for Each Contests is as shown below:

**Category** **Bronze** **Silver** **Gold**
Logo design $299 $499 $699
Stationery design $199 $299 $499
Postcard or Flyer design $199 $299 $499
Signage design $199 $299 $599
Product Label design $199 $299 $599
Product Packaging design $299 $499 $799
Book & Magazine Cover design $299 $499 $799
Illustration $199 $299 $599
Card & Invitation design $149 $299 $599
T-shirt, Clothing, and Apparel design $149 $249 $399
Merchandise design $149 $249 $399
Web page design¹ $599 $899 $1499
Mobile App design $599 $899 $1499
Social Media Page design (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) $149 $299 $599
Banner ad design $149 $299 $599
Button & icon design $149 $299 $599

As you can see, the above table shows the amount of payout for each contests. You can see the most profitable contests is web page design and mobile app design. All the competitions are more than $100 dollars. It is very profitable if you can win the contest but bear in mind that your designs and all the rights will belong to the owner of the competition if you win.

CrowdSpring is another site that enable clients to post graphic design projects. Now, by signing up as a client, you get $20.00 free. As for graphic designers, the projects include CD cover design, wine label design, flower shop design, logo design and more. The amount of money you can earn from this site is also highly profitable.

How Much You Can Earn Per Design ProjectCompany Naming - $200.00 per project
Logo Design - $200.00 per project
Small Website - $600.00 per project
Wine Label Design - $750.00 per project
CD Cover Design - $700.00 per project
Flower Shop Logo - $750.00 per project

That is a lot of money per project. You can try to get some project from I am sure it is worth your time. In my previous post, I have written in detail about Make Money by Design Logos using CrowdSpring, you can learn more about it.

That is it. Those are the 5 sites to make money by designing. If you are good at doing designs, the money is easy money for you. Give all the sites a try and you might find one that you can make fast money from it.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.

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