Monday, May 21, 2012

Why You Should Write Blog Posts That Are More Than 1000 Words

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These few days, I have been doing some researches on top blogs and those blog that have more than 20,000 blog subscribers. One of the common trait I found on those blogs are that they have VERY LENGTHY blog posts. On average, their blog posts are around 1000 words. This might be the magic ingredient that keeps visitors coming to their blogs But WHY? That is what I am trying to explain to you in this more than 1000 words blog post.

To be honest, it is not easy to write blog posts that are around 1000 words or more words. Maybe this is why they are the top blogs that get more than 20,000 subscribers and those blogs that are writing short blog posts are not going anyway nearer to blogging success. It Is Not Easy to Write Such a Long Blog Post BUT sometimes, I think that it is "laziness" that is stopping us to write lengthy blog posts.

They Told Us Not to Write Lengthy Blog Posts... But Why They?
After doing the simple research, I found that they are all writing lengthy blog posts that are more than 1000 words. Personally, I have been following their blogs, some of them are advising us not to write lengthy blog posts because they said it annoys people to read long blog posts. But, Why They Are Doing It? There must be something they are trying to keep for themselves.

If you read my previous blog post, you will know that I show you the way those top bloggers make money blogging. "I Make Money Blogging by Showing Off How Much I Made On My Blog" tells you why they can make so much money from their blog and how they create a buzz in the blogosphere.

Blogging Tips: The Comparison of Article Length and Number of Subscribers

I choose some blogs with more than 20,000 subscribers. I am doing the analysis by copying their top blog posts and paste in Microsoft Words to check the number of words and finally plot a graph based on number of subscribers and number of words in their articles.

And so, here is the graph that shows us everything. This is possibly the answer to the way top blogs get so much subscribers. You can see that StevePavlina is the one writing the longest blog posts and his blog is ranked very high in short period of time. Even after Google change the search algorithm, StevePavlina is still ranked very high in search result pages.

The graph "The Average Length of Blog Posts" shows the average length of blog posts of top blogs. The average length is around 1200 words. This is the length that is usually not reach by most bloggers. Most bloggers write blog posts as short update about their life or short blog posts around 300 words. Those are the old days, now it is better to write new blog posts in very detailed information and write around 1000 words would be a great way to gain more readers and visitors.

Just like what I like to do. Try to follow what the pros are doing, you will at least achieve something. It is always better than nothing right?

How to Write 1000 Words Per Blog Post?

I am trying my very best to write and elaborate in-depth about the topics I am writing. I think that this is the way to write 1000 words blog posts consistently. The simplest way to write a 1000 words blog post is to do something I have listed below:

  • Headlines - Attractive
  • Introduction - General introduction BUT Attract readers
  • Content Body - Explanation of Topics
  • Graphics/Graph - Strengthen the Information/Proof
  • Elaborate - Elaboration and explain your proof
  • Conclusion - Conclude your post but provide more information such as links

The above is my style of blogging and you can read my blogging format "Blogging Tips". I am sharing with you all this information because I want you to earn money from blog and make money blogging. Normally, as a blogger, we will not share all these important information because no one will talk about how they format their blog posts. I am sure if you read on other blogs, you will not find this information.

I will normally calm down and prepare my mind. I will prepare a layout of my blog post in my mind and then I will start writing. The hardest part of writing a blog post is the topic I want to write about. Sometimes, I find it hard to think of a topic and I can hardly get started. I will read through my old blog posts because ideas will come naturally when I am reading. I will also refer to other blogs to see what they are doing so that I have new ideas to write.

Why 1000 Words Per Blog Post? Why they do it?
This research keeps me thinking and I finally know the answer. "They Really Have a Lot to Write!". this is why they have to write long blog posts. They have a lot of information to share with their blog readers that they can't stop writing. It can't be denied that their blog posts are of high quality, highly keyword targeted, lengthy and highly informative. They also use the technique "Blogging: Write Like Talking Not Robot"

So, quality blog post is still the magic ingredient to create an amazing blog. That is "Why Great Blog Posts Matter So Much in Blogging".

The Face of BloggingBlogging has changed. It is no longer writing short and simple update for your blog. If you want to stay in the game, then start blogging like a pro. Now, blogging is like journalism. You have to write high quality blog posts to your blog to become successful in blogging just like other top bloggers.

Conclusion: Don't Seek The Simple Way Out in Blogging
Search engines like Google are getting smarter and smarter. Google somehow can figure out what articles are good and what websites are high quality. That is why highly informative blogs/websites are shown in Google search result page in which normal SEO techniques become less effective. So, I would say, Starting from now onward, focus on writing high valuable blog posts to stay in the blogging gold rush or else you will slowly pace out and your blog dies off.

To stay alive in blogging, then try to make our blog worthwhile.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.