Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Will Happen to Our Blog After We Die?

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Have you think about this question? What will happen to our blog after we die? Will it continue growing or it will stop growing and slowly become obsolete? I come across this question when I suddenly think of "What if a blogger stop blogging and suddenly disappear from the world of blogging?", "he is not answering comments", "he is not responding to emails" and etc., he just disappear.

Well, life is so short and so fragile. What will happen to our blog if we die?

From my personal opinion, I think that there are 3 possibilities that will happen to our blog.

1. Our Blog Dies after We Expire on Earth
So, this will be the most possible thing to happen to our blog. Most bloggers are not prepared and most bloggers write contents that are time sensitive.

Time Sensitive Contents
Information or contents that are only suitable for a short period of time. For example: News, stock picks and etc. are time sensitive contents which will not last forever.

If your blog is full of time sensitive contents, then your blog have high possibilities to die off easily. The best way to keep our blog alive is to write evergreen contents, contents that is suitable forever. For example: general information about stock trading (stock indicators), advice, recipes and etc.

2. Your Blog Live On and Money Keeps Coming In
If you are well prepared, your blog are filled with evergreen contents, then your blog will live on and the best part of it is that it will continue to rack in money. This is the greatest thing ever because you can pass your blog to your children and they still makes money from your blog. Learn more about Make Money Blogging.

3. Your Blog is Closed
If you expired from Earth, your blog has not evergreen information, no visitors and no new updates. It will come to a day where your blog might be closed down. If you are hosting your blog on web hosting, then your blog will not last even after 1 year because if you do not pay for the web hosting fee, your blog will be closed.

So, are you ready to make sure your blog lives forever? Start making changes in your blog posts today.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


starwordsworks said...

BLOG today gone tomorrow,
BLOG evergreen contents in free platform like
WILL it stay forever?

Greenleaf said...

I think that if we can write evergreen blog posts,our blog can last longer but it will not stay forever. :)

Personally, I like the way Investopedia creates their site. Their site is evergreen because topics about investment last forever. :)

Blogger said...

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