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I Make Money Blogging by Showing Off How Much Money I Made On My Blog

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Well, the world of blogging changes fast and it has changed a lot from the day when bloggers can make money blogging. I still remember few years back, there are a lot of bloggers making great impact in blogosphere and make a great fortune for themselves using a blog. I am not sure whether you still remember those great old days but back in those days, bloggers showing off their online AdSense earnings of  $40,000.00 and another blogger earning more than $140,000.00 was creating so much word of mouth for their blogs and make huge income using their blogs. People start to flood their blogs to find out their "secret" to make such a huge income using AdSense. And, this is how they become Top Bloggers of the world. They are Jeremy Schoemaker from ShoeMoney.com and John Chow of JohnChow.com.

I believe most of you reading this blog post heard of these 2 guys before. They are the gurus of make money blogging and make money online. The reason I write this post is to try to visualize the future of blogging by referring to these 2 top blogs.

Back in those days...
Few years ago, everyone is talking about blogs and make money blogging. No one wants to be left out in the blogging gold rush. I would say 9 out of 10 of our friends have at least one blog back in those days. Everyone is trying so hard to make good income online using Google AdSense but none made huge fortune using AdSense until a guy known as Joel Comm revealed the secrets to make money blogging using AdSense in his books "The AdSense Code". Well, I am one of those bloggers eager and thirst for the secret. I learnt the secret in "The AdSense Code" and made some good income from AdSense every month. "The AdSense Code" created a huge impact in the blogosphere and everyone started to talk about it and flooding Joel Comm's website to buy his book. You do not need to rush to Joel Comm's website to buy "The AdSense Code" because a lot of people already know the methods and the methods are easily obtainable on blogs, websites and even Wikipedia also has brief information about the techniques ("The AdSense Code" Wikipedia)

Joel Comm himself was making around $30.00 per day from AdSense when he started blogging and then he increases his earnings to more than $500.00 per day from AdSense using his methods as described in "The AdSense Code". He made a great fortune using AdSense and through selling his book.

The Secret of Make Money Blogging is Out:  The AdSense Code

When everyone gets a hold on the book "The AdSense Code",everyone started to use those technique on their blogs. For me, this is great because I do not need to purchase the book and I knew the way to make money from AdSense by referring to other blogger's blog to look at how they do it after they read the book. All I need to do is to imitate those blogs.

Now, everyone knows the method to make more money from AdSense. Some of the techniques mentioned in "The Adsense Code" are:

  • Less Is More
  • Blend Your AdSense Ads
  • Large Rectangle Performs the Best
  • and more..

When everyone knows how to do it then the techniques become less effective but still good to earn some extra money using blogs. Then everyone started seeking for new solutions and new techniques to make more money from AdSense.

Killing the Golden Goose for More Golden Eggs? Think Twice
When people started to seek for more ways to make more money from AdSense, more special and creative ideas started to show up. One of the most common ideas to make more money using AdSense was putting images next to AdSense Ads to gain more attention to the ads to get more clicks. And this finally got hundreds or thousands of AdSense Account being banned forever by Google. This is a typical example of  killing the golden goose for the eggs but finally no more golden eggs because the goose was killed.

My advice to all AdSense users are still the same: Make sure you follow AdSense TOS closely to protect your AdSense account because AdSense is a great way to monetize your blog. The income might be very small but it is better than a lot of advertising networks out there.

The Making of Top Bloggers in the Niche of Make Money Blogging.

Now, when everyone was tired and fed up, a great news came along. "Some Bloggers are making more than $40,000 and $140,000 a month using AdSense". This created another "AHa! This is it!" for all bloggers. Everyone started tracking down who were the bloggers making such a huge income from AdSense. Jeremy Schoemaker and John Chow are the bloggers they are looking for. Again, everyone started to flood their blogs to look for the new "secret".

The Famous $140,000 AdSense Check of ShoeMoney.com

So, here you have the photos that created a massive flood of visitors to ShoeMoney.com. It is the biggest AdSense payment (in check) I ever see. (How I wish I could earn that amount a year) I can't find a photo of John Chow's AdSense earning. So, we just give it a pass. I will  update this post when I found it.

Nothing Last Forever...
From my observation, those top blogs are slowing down. Back in the old days, their blog posts can get more than hundreds of comments. Anything they post on their blog is shifting the blogosphere from left to right and from right to left. Any posts are hot on their blogs.

Recently, when I revisit their blogs, the power of moving the blogosphere is slowly fading. The crowds are not as active as before and the number of comments are lesser. It shows the sign of aging and those blogs slowly become the past. What lies ahead for the future of blogging? We will have to make it happens.

Question and Answer of Make Money Blogging

So now, ask yourself the questions below:
1. How to make money blogging?
2. How to get visitors to your blog?

The Answer:
1. Showing Off Your LARGE Online Earnings
2. Again, Showing Off Your LARGE Online Earnings

That is why the title of this post is "I Make Money Blogging by Showing Off How Much Money I Made On My Blog". This is the way the top bloggers are doing it and so we have to do the same thing to make it to the top.

Back to Reality...
Ok, after a short day dreaming about make money blogging. Let us come back to reality. The reality to a long term blogging income is still as always.

Your blog will grow at the speed of light when you finally hit the jackpot - Finally able to show off your BIG payment proof to your blog readers. Till then, we will have to continue the way of blogging like normal.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.

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