Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blogging Tip: To Write Like a Robot or Write Like Talking to Your Readers

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Throughout the years of blogging, I came across hundreds or even thousands of blogs that are interesting or not so interesting. I like to read blogs and I like to read what other bloggers are sharing with their visitors by referring to the respond of readers through the number of comments. Somehow, through reading and noticing the comments, I found one interesting characteristic that will lead to more efficient blogging and faster way to make our blog grow into a big influential blog. The characteristic is "To write like a robot or write like a talking to our readers".

There are millions of blogs on the Internet but few made it to the top as top blogs of the world. What are the difference that make those 1% of blogs the top blogs of the world? It is the way they write their blog posts that make the difference for their blogs.

Google Page Rank VS Alexa Ranking

I have drawn a chart to show you an idea about the blogosphere but please bear in mind that this chart is for illustration purposes and the values I used in the chart might not be the actual data about the blogosphere. From the graph, I divided our blogosphere into 4 main blog categories which are Top Blogs, Developing Blogs, Improving Blogs and The Rest of Blogosphere and I ranked the blogs based on Average Google Page Rank and Average Alexa Ranking. 

So, we can see that the top blogs which are 0.1% of the blogosphere has the highest Google Page Rank and lowest number for Alexa Traffic Ranking while Developing Blogs and Improving Blogs are in the middle of the road to become top blogs. The Rest of the Blogosphere has the lowest Google Page Rank and Highest number for Alexa Ranking. (Learn about Alexa Ranking) What makes so much difference? We are all bloggers and we are all blogging. The key differences are the way we convey our message in blogging and the way we make use of the keywords in our blog.

Write Blog Posts Like a Robot

When it comes to writing a blog posts, I found that a lot of bloggers cannot convey the messages in a natural way. Most bloggers write their blog posts like a robot talking to their readers. This is the problems of most bloggers and they stay in "The Rest of the Blogosphere" categories and hardly go up in ranking.

Search Engines Follow The Crowd, Which Sites Have Largest Crowd will be Ranked Higher In Search Results

Over more than 5 years of blogging, I personally found that previously I was writing like a robot on my other old blogs which lead to unsuccessful blogs and finally I stop blogging for those blogs (I have a technology blog and blogger templates blogs which is not working well). When I was reading through my old blogs the other day, I personally did not find it interesting at all and I felt boring and leave my old blogs. That Is The Problem that lead to blogging failure. 

People Want to Communicate With Human NOT Robot

Now, I try my best to adopt the way of "talking blogging" which is the way used by top bloggers that get their blogs to the list of top world blogs.

Write Blog Post Like Talking to Your Readers

So, let us have a look at the way to write blog posts like talking to your readers (The Way of Top Bloggers). The fact is that writing a blog post like you are talking to your readers is not easy. You need to do some preparation before you can write a blog post like talking.

Preparation Mentally and Emotionally
You need proper preparation mentally and emotionally. For me, I will try to calm down and think about what I want to talk to my readers instead of thinking of what I should write for my readers. Some of the tips I use to write a blog post like I am talking:

  • Think of what to talk to you readers not what to write
  • Think of how I should control the tone of writing which convey the tone of voice
  • Think of how to write and talk in a more interesting way

Those are the things I will consider before writing a blog post. And, of course, some of the basic of blogging are still needed such as grammar, format, proof read and etc. I am sure you know all these if not, you can always refer to my post: Systematic Blogging - The Faster Way to Make Money Blogging and Formatting Your Blog to Keep Visitors on Your Blog.

I will only start my blog post only after considering all the items above. I do this because I want to present the best blog post to my readers and proper formatting also helps on-site optimization for my blog. So, by doing all these in the long run can actually help my blog, help my readers and help me gain more constant readers on my blog.

So, start to blog like talking to your blog readers and have more interaction with blog readers. You will notice that visitors will come to your blog automatically without you seeking for them.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.