Friday, April 13, 2012

Systematic Blogging A Faster Way To Make Money From Blog

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A lot of people is trying to make money online and for my case, I am trying my very best to make money from blog and teach people how to do it. Most people do not get any closer to make money from blog is that they do not do it the right way. I call it systematic approach to blogging.

Updating a blog isn't about filling you blog with a lot of short blog posts with low quality contents. You have to create high quality information and very informative contents for your blog. I always stress the importance of high quality contents for blog because it is the only thing that can keep your blog visitors coming back for more.

Systematic Blogging Approach for More Effective Blogging

Personally, I am creating blog posts using a systematic way. I have divided it into 4 steps as listed below and I find that it is very useful for me to create a tidy, systematic and high quality blog posts for my blog. You can learn to use the 4 steps below to create high quality blog posts for your blog.

Step 1: Layout Your Blog Post

You Need a Plan for Your Blog Posts

blogging article layout

Creating a blog post is like building a house. You need a plan and proper layout. So,before I write my blog post, I will have a rough idea in my mind for my blog post layout. My blog post layout will be something like the picture above.

This is important because I have idea how to write all the information properly.

Step 2: Graphical Representation in Blogging

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words.

Graphical representation is something like graphs and pictures. I have included some graphs and pictures in some of my blog posts which is very useful to convey the information I want to tell to my blog readers. You can read some of the blog posts with graphical representation below:

If you have read through the blog posts above,you will see that the blog posts look more interesting and more informative to readers. This is a good way to engage readers and they will keep on reading.

Step 3: Links to Useful Information
Links in a blog post play an important role. By using proper linking,it can help you boost your blog SEO and if you provide useful links, it will become an important part to provide more information to blog readers. You can have a look at Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Link Strategy
Wikipedia uses a lot of links on their contents which provides useful information for people looking for information. Most of the links are linking to Wikipedia internal contents and this is a great way to create internal links for Wikipedia. 

You can actually learn Wikipedia's method by creating more internal links which will lead to more page views and better browsing experience for your blog.

Step 4: Your Signature
In this step, I am going to share with you about signature. Most of us do not use signature in our blog posts. For me, a signature is a very useful function because it helps me identify which blog posts are actually written by me and which blog posts are guest post. (I will allow guest posting in the future).

You can setup your signature using's Settings > Formatting.

blogging post template

Look at the picture above. You can type anything you like in the "Post Template" section and it will automatically appear in your new blog posts. This is a setting for you to put in specific sentences for your blog without the need to retype it.

Example of Signature

So, the signature can actually give your blog readers an idea about you and your blogging interest. If they share similar interest like you, then they might follow your blog closely.

That is my blogging approach, do you find it useful? I hope it will work for you and if you like my blog posts, please help to share using the social bookmarking buttons. Thanks.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


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