Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Make Your Visitors to Stay on Your Blog Forever

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Blogging for money is all about getting more visitors to your blog and read your blog posts. I have had over 7 years of blogging and still getting massive amount of traffic to blogs or websites is still a myth. But, there are ways to make the visitors stay longer on your blog and finally converting them into your blog readers. Getting visitors to your blog isn't enough, it will only be good enough when visitors convert into your long term readers by Subscribing to Your Blog. (By the way, you can subscribe to my blog using the subscription box on the right sidebar. Thanks for subscribing. :) ) If your blog is published with thousands of great contents but you do not have constant visitors coming to your blog, then it is just a waste of time and you will hardly make good income using your blog.

Well, we all want to have visitors coming to our blog, we all want to have loyal readers and make money money from blog. So, how do we encourage visitors to stay longer on our blog and turn them into our constant readers? How to convert visitors into long term readers? Whether you want more visitors or whether you want loyal readers, your blog accessibility and user-friendliness is all it takes to reach your goal.

Your Blog is the Thing That Converts Visitors into Readers
Visitors Decide to Subscribe Because of the First Impression On Your Blog
Make Them Decide Once They Read Your First Blog Posts

Here, I write about how you can make your blog attractive and get your blog visitors coming back to read again.

1. Clean, Simple and Tidy Blog Design
How can we achieve lean, simple and tidy blog design? Just keep it simple and uncluttered. What you need to create a clean, simple and tidy blog is as listed below:

  • Navigation Bar - Beneath Header
  • Categories - Sidebar
  • Links to More Posts - After every posts

By having these 3 navigation in your blog, blog visitors can easily find your blog posts and continue reading. Navigation is very important to make your blog visitors stay longer on your blog. You give your visitors more choices to by providing links on your blog so that they have the choice to stay on your blog instead of leaving.

2. Engaging Color Scheme For your Blog
Ever wonder why some blog looks very welcoming? I have done some researches on blogs and I found that some colors are creating a welcoming feeling for blog readers. The colors that I found very welcoming is:

  • Blue
  • White

Both blue and white seems to be very calming and welcoming to blog visitors. Try to look at the top sitefor socializing Facebook.

Facebook Color Scheme
Color Schemes: Blue and White
Logo Color: Logo is also blue color
Navigation: Simple, tidy and straight forward
Ease of Use: Information is available at a glance
As you can see, people are getting used to the colors - blue and white. So, in order to create a pleasant blog that can attract more visitors, you can try to use these two colors.

3. Use Images in Your Blog Posts Wisely
A blog full of words will be a boring blog unless your blog visitors like to read or else it is going to be very boring. It is good to make use of pictures in your blog. For my blog, I don't always use pictures in my blog posts but I will use once in awhile to make my blog more easy-reading.

4. Call to Actions

Call to action 
Is defined as words that are used to ask readers or visitors to take action on certain things.

Call to action is what most of us forgot to do for our blog. This is a good way to make more money as well as make visitors stay longer and turn into permanent blog readers. Some of the call to action words will be:

  • Call Us Now!
  • Read More
  • Continue Reading
  • Subscribe Now

These simple words look so simple but the effect on visitors are high. Try to use some of them on your blog to seethe magic effect.

5. Use Powerful Blog Posts Headlines 
Blog posts headlines is a very important and powerful way to attract a lot of visitors. It is hard to describe how powerful a blog headlines can be. I use examples below to show you what I mean:

Examples of Great Headlines
1. 10 Ways to Attract More Visitors to your Blog
2. How You Could Turn Your Blog Into a Superstar?
3. The Secret Behind a Million Dollar Blog

From the example above, which one is attracting your attention? I would say 2 and 3 attract most attention as it includes some "spice" in the headline that spark your curiosity. You can also refer to Systematic Blogging Approach for Faster Blogging Success to learn more about formatting your blog posts to suit readers reading style.

6. Offer Something at The End of Your Blog Posts
With a great headlines and great contents, the next thing will be the ending of your blog posts. Try to offer something to your reader such as subscribing to your blog. If readers feel that our blog is great, they are highly interested to learn more in your blog and they are more likely to subscribe to your blog.

If the visitors subscribe to your blog, you got one new permanent blog readers. You can build long term relationship with them by writing more high quality blog posts. Why high quality contents are important? Check Tips No. 8.

7. Offer Free Stuff on Your Blog
Free stuff is another way you can offer something to your readers. For example, you can offer free short reports to your blog readers. Some bloggers offer free long templates, free vector graphics, free coding and etc. Some rich bloggers even offer free T-Shirt, free cap and free mug to their blog readers.

Giving away free stuff is a great marketing strategy because it creates word of mouth about your blog and you gain more readers in the long term. This technique is too powerful that you will be smiling while you are sleeping because you know that people keep on coming to your blog for the freebies and your blog gets more readers.

8. Content is Always the King
Always bear in mind, not to forget about your blog contents. Bad or low quality contents mean bad impression for your blog. ONLY great and high quality contents give good impression to blog visitors. I am not sure whether you have this experience of craving for more contents when you are reading a great blog, but for me, I experienced the feeling.

I am Craving for More Great Contents and That Keep Me Reading and Non-stop Reading the contents of the Superb Quality Blog!

That is why Content is Always The King! Keep your blog simple, tidy and focus on your blog contents. Make sure you give the best and write the best quality blog posts for your blog and this is what keep visitors coming back for more.

These 7 ways to gain more visitors and get more blog readers can help you to bring your blog to the next level. Try them and if it is good, do let me know in the comments section. Last but not least, my call to action for you is "Please subscribe to my blog if you find my blog posts useful."

Thanks and have a nice day. :)

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.