Thursday, April 26, 2012

40 Ways that Lead to Blogging Failure

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Similar to blogging success, blogging failure also has its root causes. If a blogger failed to identify the problems,then his/her blog is slowly moving towards failure. Here, I have listed out all the 40 ways that will lead bloggers to blogging failure. I hope you can use it as a reference to avoid blogging failure.

40 Blogging Mistakes that Lead to Blogging Failure

1. No direction
Have you ever wonder why you started your blog? Where your blog is heading? It is a step-by-step approach or you simply publish any posts to your blog for the sake of adding more but irrelevant information? A lot of bloggers started with a personal blog and they find it hard to make money blogging because their blog is not a niche blog. A personal blog is hard to become successful but if you can add a niche to it,it will be a different story.

2. No planning
When it comes to blogging, a lot of bloggers do not plan ahead. They update their blog for the sake of updating without planning in terms of linking, target audience, niche and etc. A good planning is needed so that your blog can slowly pave towards your goal. Plan ahead such as what will your blog become after 1 month, 2months, 6 months etc.

3. Too rushy
Frequent blog update is good but Super Fast blog update will be very annoying to blog readers.

4. Too Many Ads
"Less is More". The more ads you put on your blog, the more annoying your blog becomes. That is why, if you want to make money from blog, make it simple and less ads will earn more money for you.

5. Not having RSS Feed
RSS Feed (RSS Stands for Really Simple Syndication) is the best way to gain more audience for your blog. A lot of bloggers do not optimize the usage of RSS Feed. Some bloggers simply ignore RSS Feed. If you look at those top bloggers around the world, they are using RSS Feed and they have large number of RSS Feed followers which enable them to notify their readers when they update their blog.

6. Bad Design
Blog design also plays a crucial role for successful blogging. Systematic, tidy and easy-to-navigate blog will be attracting more readers.Why? It is because as a blog reader, we want information to be available at our finger tips. If we have hard time looking for information on a blog, the chances are, blog readers will seek for other blogs for the information they want.

7. Great Content BUT Bad Headlines
You might have notice that some blogs become very successful but their contents quality are just at par with your blog. Why? Most probably they are using attractive headlines for their blog posts and you are not.

8. Bad Search Engine Optimization
Search Engines Optimization (SEO) is the best way to get organic and continuous flow of traffic to your blog. If your blog is not SEO optimize or bad SEO, then it is not going to go any further in the long run.

9. Wrong Linking Strategies
Search Engines ranks your blog based on number of links to your blog. The more backlinks your blog has, the better your blog is ranked in search engines. In addition, it is important to get relevant websites to link your blog. If the links are irrelevant, then it would not be useful for your blog.

10. No Socializing
Socializing in the world of blogging is important to let people know that your blog is around. If you do not socialize and do not communicate with other bloggers, no one will know your blog.

11. Comment Function Not Enabled
Some bloggers do not enabled the comment function, this is not creating an advantageous environment for blog readers. Those blog readers who would like to interact or comments cannot do so because of no comments function enabled.

12. Low Quality Contents
Contents quality is the most important factor be successful blogging. If your blog contents are not good, why visitors want to come back again? Remember: Every blog post is shown to visitors and it reflects your personalities, if you produce low quality contents, visitors will always have the impression that you simply blog without giving in your full efforts.

13. Messy Content Layout
Content layout can vary from bloggers to bloggers. Some bloggers start with picture while some start with short summary. Blog readers like to read systematic blog posts such as numbering.

14. Not Building a Follower List
Building a list is a must for every online business. Any great online business will have a large follower base. If a blog does not have one, it is good to start building.

15. Navigation Problem
Navigation bar and sidebar are the 2 important navigation for blog. Some bloggers even use the footer as new navigation bar. The best way to make it easier to navigate around your blog is to optimize your blog navigation bar (beneath the header) and sidebar. These 2 navigation is the most used by visitors to search your blog.

16. No Communication to Comments
If your blog have comments enabled, when there are users asking questions, then be sure your reply or you can write a short post to reply to their questions.

17. Over-Promotion When Blog is Not Ready
Over-promoting your blog when it is not fully ready will cause more problems. This is because visitors will never come back again as the first impression for your blog is "Incomplete Blog".

18. Not Up to Date
If you are writing above technology, be sure your blog is up to date.

19. Not Reading Related Blogs
Reading can help you get more ideas to write new blog posts and you can write more high quality contents too.

20. No Proof-Reading
A lot of bloggers do not do proof-reading before publishing which cause errors around the blog posts. This a bad impression created for our blog.

21. Improper Blog Posts Categorizing
Some bloggers do not give category for their blog posts while some over-categorize their blog into small section. Both no category and over-categorizing a blog causes problem to our blog as it will be in a mess. Try to categorize your blog in less that 30 categories for optimum effect.

22. No Cross-link Blog Posts
Cross-linking blog posts is a good thing to do. If you still remember my previous posts about SEO and Linkbuilding, you will know that without properly linking strategy, your blog will not go any further.

23. External Links More than Internal Link
In any pages, make sure internal links are more than external links. More internal links create better indexing for your blog posts and it gives search engines bot clearer idea about your blog. In addition, internal links give blog readers more information to read.

24. Do Not Respond to Questions
If you got questions from readers but you ignore it, you are going to be in deep trouble because you have ruined your blog reputation.

25. Lack of Images
Pictures tell a thousand words. Use pictures properly in your blog to give clearer information about the topic you are talking about. For example, I have written several blog posts about my researches:

By using graph and images, I can present information in clearer format.

26. Not Having About Page
An about page is always being ignored when we read a blog but it is one of the important criteria for successful blogging. You can format your about page to display your favorite posts, your websites,your seminars etc. In addition, search engines optimization also include about page as one of the criteria for blog ranking.

27. No proper optimization of About Page
Proper optimization of about page can bring you more blog traffic. How? As mentioned in part 26, you can actually use about page to describe more  about your blog. You can write information about your personal information and then slip in some links for your blog posts. This could create a way for readers to start reading your blog.

28. Not Having Disclaimer Page
Disclaimer page is another forgotten page for blog. But without this page, your blog hardly rank well in search engine. But you can also omit this because it is not so important for personal blog.

29. Irrelevant Blog Header
I notice that some blogs have irrelevant blog header. Some blog are about technology but their blog header is their own name. This will be hard for search engine to identify what type of blog it is.

30. Not Utilizing the Power of Social Media
Social media is a very powerful way to gain more recognition and gain more visitors. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc. are very good to get some visitors.

31. Not Hardworking Enough
Are you hardworking enough? How hardworking are you can be seen by looking at how frequent you update your blog. How long is your blog posts also reflect how hardworking and how much efforts you put in your blog.

32. Not Value Added
Remember to create high quality blog posts and at the same time give more values to readers. If your blog posts is not value added, why visitors waste their time to come to your blog? If you are good at creating graphics, you can create a blog giving services to visitors or you can giveaway free graphics. This is value added to visitors.

33. Too Many Flashy Object
Have you come across flashy blogs or websites? For me, I feel that it is annoying because I cannot concentrate on the blog contents. Over-flashy websites also make a site looks low class. If you look at top blogs, you will not find flashy websites.

34. Not Frequently Writing Blog Posts
Frequent blog update will make your blog stand out among other blogs. The more frequent you update your blog, the better your blog will appear among other blogs.

35. Not Enough Contents
Make sure your blog is filled with high quality contents.Try to have at least 100 high quality blog posts on your blog before you start promoting your blog.

36. Not Enough Patience
If you have 100 high quality blog posts but you do not have much visitors - be patience. Try to engage more bloggers and use more social bookmarking sites to gain more visitors.

37. Not Interacting with Small Blogs

Many Small Rivers Make A Big Rivers

Small blogs are small but do not neglect them. If you can cooperate with a lot of small blogs, your blog eventually become bigger.If you neglect them, then your will be hard to gain more exposure.

38. Not Targeting a Niche
Targeting a niche or targeting certain keywords is very important for you to stay focus. If anything happen, you will always revert back to your keywords and niche. Not targeting a niche market is like shooting arrow in the dark.

39. Not Learning from The Pro
Are you not learning from the pros? Try to look at how the top bloggers do it and learn from there. They way they use is working, why not learn what is working?

40. Give up and Stop Trying Harder
Most of us just stop trying harder and give up too fast. Blogging is not overnight rich. It takes time and a lot of efforts before you can really make good money online.

So, those are the 40 ways that will lead bloggers to blogging failure. I hope you can read through and learn not to do the wrong thing. Blogging is fun, enjoy it and you will reap your reward.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


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