Monday, February 6, 2012

Why Rich People Are Rich and Why Poor People Never Get Rich

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Today, I am not going to talk about how you could join certain websites and make money online. Today, I am going to talk about why rich people are rich and why poor people never get richer. I am going to talk about the main criteria that makes the rich people richer and how we can use the idea to make money from blog and become rich using our blog.

Let us start with a question:

How much do you have in your bank account?

A lot of us might know very well and the answer is very clear. Most of us know how much money we have in our bank and how much we are making per month. This is quite true especially for people who are working as an employee. The money we are making every month is known as earned income which is a slow income.

So, how rich people are making money? How fast the rich are making money? Let us ask the rich the same question.

How much do you have in your bank account?

They would probably say "I am not sure how much money I have in my account.". Those super rich people do not know exactly how much money they have in their account. Why? It is because the number of their account is always changing.

They are making money using investments, businesses and income from investment in other countries. And, that is what make them different, make them richer. The rich are making money using businesses and investments, it does not mean that we must also make money in businesses and investments to become rich (Of course, if you want you still can use the same method to become rich), we can use their idea to become rich and their idea is called system.

How to Build a System in the World of blogging
At lot of the time, when we are dealing with blog, we are actually doing it all alone. Most of the bloggers are doing it alone in blogging.

Why Blogosphere is a System
I love blogging and in fact, I have been blogging for more than 5 years. A blog is a system that can help us make money online and also interact with more people to learn more ways to make money online. A blog can be a place to share your personal experience, as your online profile, as your portfolio etc.

With a lot of advertising opportunities out there, you can actually create a lot of money making opportunities from your blog provided you have proper blog management and content management. A blog can become a system to help you make money online.

How to Be Systematic to Update Your Blog
You will have to update your blog frequently.Some of my suggestions would be:

  • Update your blog daily or weekly
  • Update different topics on daily or weekly basis

Be systematic, create a plan for your blog and follow it closely will help you make your blog grow bigger and faster. Finally, you can turn it into a money making machine for you. You can read about Is Your Blog Number #1 Resources of Your Niche and Focus Energy on Your Niche.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


Sachin said...

Nobody to built empire just by blogging. You might able to get your bread & butter
.but not everyone can run & earn around $15,00/month..still it is very less if you compare them with any small companies business..

but that's a good alternative income for your self. especially you are a student or new in your job.

Greenleaf said...

It is possible to make money from blog and make a good income by blogging. Never give up and always trying. :)

Blogger said...

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