Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Great Site to Make Money Using Photos and Videos |

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I found a great site to make money by getting views on your online contents such as images and videos. I know that some of you might be good at creating videos and submit them to YouTube to get views and subscribers, now you can actually make some extra money using your videos. In addition to make money using your videos, you can also make money using your photos/images based on the number of views on your photos.

The site I found is known as Signing up now is Free and Sign Up Bonus $0.50 is given.

sharefoco home

How Works? is a special site with the idea of making money by generating views to your photos and videos. This is a new idea because this is the first site I found which allows members to make money using videos. So, I think that by combining photos and videos, members can actually make good income using

I have sign up for because now is giving USD$0.50 Sign Up Bonus. If you are interested, you can join and get the USD$0.50 Sign Up Bonus as well.

How Much Money You Can Make From is paying the members using points. Basically, 1500 points equals to USD$1.00. The more points you get, the more money you can make. You can check the pay table below:

Sharefoco Paytable

As you can see, each and every views on your photos and videoss is making money for you, so why not give a try? I think that it is worth a try and I join Now, I have written this post to share with you this great opportunity to make money online.

How to Make Money From
ShareFoco.compays members based on the number of views generated on photos and videos submitted by members. The more views you get on your photos and videos, the more money you can make. Yu can link your photos using your blogs, Facebook account, Twitter etc. All the views generated can earn money for you in

sharefoco payment proof

You can check their payment history above. They already paid more than USD$98,000.00 to members. So, I am sure is going to be a great site for us to make a lot of money online.

Minimum Payout using and How to Get Paid using
The minimum payout is very low and I am sure we can easily reach the payout. The minimum payout is USD$5.00 and you can get paid using PayPal and Liberty Reserve. For me, I am using PayPal so I chose PayPal as the method to get paid once I reach the minimum payout of $5.00.

Make Money Using Photos and Make Money By Creating Videos

With this combination, I believe that we can make good income using because photos and videos are the most important media on the Internet. Photos and videos are easier to get more views because a picture can tell a thousand words. So, even if you can write a thousand words, it does not guarantee you can make thousand dollars but if you are using photos or videos, making money based on number of views increases the possibilities of making huge income using

Since is quite new and it is really paying all the members, so I am going to give it a try. I hope my photos can make good income from and I can show you my payment proof as soon as possible.

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