Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Most Important Criteria to Make Money From Blog and Make Money Online

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After several years of blogging and make money online, I am able to make some good income from my blogs and the income is still coming is as usual. Of course, over the years of make money blogging and make money online, there are a lot of ups and downs in terms of blog income, online income and blog visitors but due to all these ups and downs, I start to realize the most important criteria for online success.

If you would like to make money online or make money from blog, you will have to learn to think based on the criteria stated in this post because it will speed up your success online and make more money online fast.

If You Want To Make Money Online and Make Money Blogging:

In the world of blogging and make money online, if you want to make a lot of money online, you will have to think how you can serve as many people as possible. Most of us fail to make a lot of money online because we fail to think how to help and serve as many people as possible.

The More People We Help, The More Money We Can Make Online.

If you own a blog just like me, you can think of expanding it by writing more blog posts in different categories to share your knowledge with more people. Of course, some of the basic of make money blogging such as keyword research, blog SEO etc cannot be neglected.

By applying the blog SEO techniques I shared with you in this blog, you can share your blog to more people and you can share your knowledge faster. Then, our objective to make money from blog will be achieved only if more and more people find that our blog is useful for them.

How to Apply This Thinking "How to Serve More People" to Make Money Online?
If you notice that some of the sites we came across are actually membership sites. In order to get the valuable information from those sites, we will have to pay them certain amount of money every month to learn their online money making techniques.

In fact, these membership websites are serving more and more people with the objectives to lower their fees as much as possible. There are some membership sites that are created solely for making money purpose which is not a good thing to do.

If You Want to Make Online Income a Full Time Income, Serve People NOT Cheat

Always remember that if you want to make real full time and recurring income online, make sure you are honest and share your knowledge with everyone that love your blog. This is the way to make a lot of money online and make long term full time income online.

So, what can you offer to people around you? What can you share with all the people who like your blog? What can you do to more and more people? Think about it and you might find something that can make you great amount of money online.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.

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