Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The 80:20 Rules of Blogging

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It is quite true that the 80:20 rule applies to blogging. I found that most of the thing I do in blogging is not the main criteria for successful blogging and I think most bloggers have the same feeling as well. 80% of my blogging time is helping me to build up my blog in terms of blog contents while 20% of my blogging time helps me to build up my blog popularity and blogging income.

20% of What We do for Our Blog Results in 80% of Our Blogging Success

The 80% of My Blogging Time
As a blogger, I like to add new contents and new tips to my blog so that my blog readers can get more information using my blog. I spend most of my time researching for new ways to make money online, read blogs and finally write new blog posts for my blog. I would say 80% of my time are spent on doing research and writing new blog posts.

I have mentioned it in my previous post about writing new blog posts and the blog update frequency. Is frequent blog update good for your blog? In fact, you you want to make your blog a number #1 resources for your niche, you need to update your blog as frequent as possible.

If you have been following closely on Earn Money From Blog 2.0, you will know that I have been writing and updating my blog a lot. I have added a lot of contents, add in a lot of information etc to make Earn Money From Blog informative for readers.

And that is where 80% of my blogging time being spent.

Where is 20% of My Blogging Time?
For me, I spend 20% of my time to manage my blog design and blog SEO. Actually, blog SEO and blog design is the most important criteria for blogging success. (Of course, our blog need to have great contents.) A blog with a lot of great contents but it is not properly SEO optimized and it is having bad blog design will hurt the blog a lot.

You might have noticed that I do some minor changes here and there in Earn Money From Blog 2.0 to get the best result in terms of navigating experience and overall blog design. I would say my blogging income comes from 20% of my work on my blog.

What I did to Earn Money From blog 2.0 using 20% of my Blogging Time
I am always doing some minor redesign, blog SEO and etc when I am not writing new blog posts.

  • Blog SEO - On-Site SEO and Off-SiteSEO
  • CSS and HTML Coding

Blog SEO is the most important thing to do with 20% of my blogging time. If you have read about SEO for Blog, you will know that those are the things I am doing for my blog to get the maximum result from blogging. Blog SEO is the main source of traffic for blog and if you can do it correctly, you can get long tail traffic to your blog forever. SEO Link Building is Still the Most Important Criteria for Blog SEO.

AS for CSS and HTML coding, I am doing some minor fix in coding errors in my blog to make it loads smoothly for blog readers.

In fact, the 20% of my blogging time makes my blog more efficient to make more money for me. So, how do you spend your blogging time?
About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.