Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Great Blog Posts Matter So Much for Blogging

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Most of the time, as a blogger, we like to have some fun doing some of the things other than writing a new content. Most of the time, we will think about SEO, blog design, widgets, plugins, design, blog stats, blog monetization etc and the last thing that come to our mind is writing a new article for our blog.

Most of the time, we tend to put less priority to write new articles for our blog, we rather do something like checking our blog traffic stats and trying to code around new designs which is more fun rather than sitting down and write another new article.

But, bear in mind, fresh contents or new articles are crucial for blogging success. However great your blog design is, however optimized your blog is, the end of the day, your blog contents are the main key ingredient that pulls in readers for your blog. 6YPW4V72SRAE

Why Great Blog Posts Matter So Much? Here is why.
#1 Visitors do not come to your blog automatically. Do you think readers come to your blog by coincidence? No, they do not come to your blog automatically. Readers come to your blog because of your blog contents are linked somewhere else. They found that link and come to your blog.

#2 Great blog posts or articles gets more people to share and it gets widespread by word of mouth. Hereis the trick to get more readers to your blog - Great Blog Posts. If your blog is full of great blog posts, it gets bookmarked, share, tweet, Digg etc. That is how fast your contents can spread on the Internet. The more it is being shared, the faster your blog is going to grow and the more visitors will come to your blog.

#3 Readers do not come to your blog for fun. They come to your blog for your blog contents. There are hundreds and millions of blog readers who are looking for different types of information. Some are looking for blog design tips, some are looking for make money blogging tips, some look for blogging tips, some likes to read entertainment blog, some read technology related blogs etc. Blog readers are everywhere. You blog have got contents, then they will come to read about it. That is why you have to target a niche market to write for your blog.

It is great to create a great blog posts than creating hundreds or thousands of mediocre blog posts. Do you agree that great blog posts matter the most for faster blogging success? Do leave some comments to share your thoughts.
About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.