Sunday, December 11, 2011

What if I got $2000 to Start my Blog?

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So, What if you got $2000 to start your blog? What would you do? How will you spend the $2000 for your blog? $2000 is quite a large amount of money to get started in blogging, spend it well and you can turn your blog into a giant. Your blog can be a gigantic money making machine for you if you use $2000 properly for your blog.

Some of the things you can do using the $2000 as a starting capital for your blog and make money blogging within a few days.
  • Web hosting
  • Domain Name (URL of your blog)
  • Blog Design (Logo, template, theme etc.)
  • Images (StockPhoto)
  • Auto-responder Services
  • Hire Writer to write E-book

Basically, those are the things that you need to start a blog. If you can do most of the design part, then the cost will be very low.

Make Money Blogging Total Investment for Fast Blogging Success

Web Hosting: Cost $15.00/month or below
Web hosting is required as it is a place to store your blog contents. Your blog contents include images, articles, design etc. Since we are all using, then we do not need to care about the cost of web hosting. is a free blog platform.

If you insist and you want a web hosting services, two the best web hosting services that I like a lot are WebHostingPad and Hostgator. So far, these two web hosting services are great.

Domain Name: Cost $10.00 per year
On, our blog are using the domain name. So, if you want to make your blog look more professional, I recommend you to change it to a domain name other than You can choose .com, .net, .org etc and these type of domain name makes your blog more professional and have higher authority.

If you are using,go to Settings > Publishing. There you can get one domain name for your blog at a price of $10.00 per year. That will be very low cost right?

Blog Design: Cost $200.00 or below
Blog design can be done yourself if you are willing to spend time to learn all the codes in There are plenty of great blog design created by other bloggers as well, you can also use those free blog design and save up some money. But, if you have money to spend, it is good to get a professional blog designer to design your blog.

Images: Cost: $50.00 or below
This cost is avoidable. If you do not place images on your blog such as within your blog posts, you can save some money on images. Bu, for the logo design, I would suggest you to get a professional logo designer to design it for you. For my blog logo, I designed it myself using Adobe Photoshop, I hope you will like it.

You can try to design your own logo as well and explore Adobe Photoshop software as you do the design. It would be fun.

Autoresponder Services: Cost $20.00 or more
Autoresponder services are services provided by some websites that will automatically send out emails to your list of subscribers. Two of the most popular autoresponder services iare Aweber and GetResponse. Personally, I am not use autoresponder services that require me to pay, so I choose to use free service such as FeedBurner, FeedBlitz etc.

FeedBurner, FeedBlitz or any other RSS feed services will send out emails to your list of subscribers

Hire Writers to Write E-books: Cost $100.00 or more
Do you need an e-book for your blog? If you need one or you are planning to give out a cool e-book, then you can hire a writer to write an e-book for your blog. An e-book is a good way to add more interaction with your blog readers and it helps your blog gain more visitors as well. You can giveaway your e-book for free or sell it at a low price. It would be great to make some extra money from your blog by selling your own e-book. My e-book is all written myself, so the cost is free. And, I am giving away all my e-books for free for all my subscribers.

Total Cost to Start a Blog

Web hosting: $15.00
Domain Name (URL of your blog):$10.00
Blog Design (Logo, template, theme etc.): $200.00
Images (StockPhoto): $50.00
Auto-responder Services: $20.00
Hire Writer to write E-book: $100.00

Total Blogging Cost: $395.00

If you can do-it-yourself, setting up a blog to make money blogging can be Free. Now, back to our question "What if Ihave $2000.00to Start my Blog?", if I have $200.00 to start my blog, I will create professional logo for it, get a professional designer to design it, write e-books, buy autoresponder services, hire writers to write on my blog and buy advertising for my blog.

By having $2000.00 to start a blog, it would be much easier to make your blog standout among all other blogs with the same niche. Your blog can be a blog superstar among all other blog and you can make money very fast from your blog.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.