Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On-Site Search Engines Optimization Strong Tag and Emphasis Tag

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Previously, in search engines optimization (SEO) section, I have written about "Generate Sitemap for Blogger blog", "Submit Sitemap to Search Engines", "Anchor Text", "Title Tags and Altenative Tags for Images", "Choose a Good Blog Name" and "Keywords for Blog", I think that by now you should have a rough idea on what search engines optimization is all about.

In this post, I am going to talk about Strong Tags and Emphasis Tag for search engines optimization. Strong and Emphasis tags might be rarely used in blog but if you could make use of these 2 tags, it will help boost AdSense earnings and search engines ranking as well.

On-Site SEO using Strong Tag and Emphasis Tag

Strong Tags
Strong tags works like bold. In fact, when you place strong tags around your keywords, the keywords become bold. The code for Strong tags is as shown below:


Emphasis Tags
Emphasis tags works like italic. When you place emphasis tags around your important contents or keywords, it become italicize. The code for Emphasis tags is as shown below:


Using Strong Tags and Emphasis for On-Site Optimization in Blogger Blogspot

Since Strong tags and Emphasis tags are not available in Blogger's text editor, so we will have to do it manually. We will have to copy and paste the strong tags and emphasis tags to make it wrap around our blog's contents or keywords to make those contents or keywords more targeted.

Why Using Strong Tags and Emphasis Tags

By using strong tags and emphasis tags, you are telling Google bot and AdSense bot that you strongly emphasize certain keywords on your blog. So, this will make AdSense bot more aware of the keywords and niche of your blog. And of course, Google bot will also know more clearly that your blog is related to what contents and Google can place your blog in search results more effectively.

Strong Tag and Emphasis Tags for More Targeted Traffic from Search Engines
when you are using strong tags and emphasis tags, your blog can be placed and ranked properly in Google search results page, thus the visitors your get for your blog is highly targeted visitors.

Highly Targeted Traffic or Highly Targeted Visitors

Highly Targeted Traffic or Highly Targeted Visitors means visitors or traffic that are highly relevant to your blog contents. In other words, highly targeted visitors are people looking desperately for the information of your blog and they are very eager to learn more about the information on your blog.

So, this is another important on-site optimization technique fr better search engine ranking as well as better AdSense ads targeting. If your blog has already has a lot of articles, you will have to manually place strong and emphasis tags one-by-one just like what I am doing when I am free. It takes time but it is worth it.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


Jackshobs said...

Really, On-page search engine optimization is the first step towards achieving good search engine rankings. This is important factor for both the search engine bots and your visitors.

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Thanks for the comment. :)

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SEO is very crucial for the traffic. My blog is getting 200+ page views daily on consistent basis. I want to know how to improve that, Could you please suggest some tips for the same. Your help will be highly appreciated !! Thanks in advance !!!

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