Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mturk, Another Online Micro Jobs Site Yet

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MTurk.com, hmm... the name seems weird but it is actually created by Amazon.com. MTurk.com in full is actually Amazon Mechanical Turk. Since it is created by Amazon.com, I am sure this is another way for you and me to earn money online without investment.

MTurk.com is a site by Amazon.com where they provide platform for developers and businesses to place jobs online and for workers to find tasks to work at the time convenient to them. So, for us, we can find some good tasks and maybe we could find some simple tasks on MTurk.com and start making money online fast.

make money from micro job site

MTurk.com has more than 200,000 tasks available. In MTurk.com, the tasks are known as HITs.

What is HITs
HITs stands for Human Intelligence Tasks. HITs are the jobs we can work on to earn some money from MTurk.com.

Since there are more than 200,000 HITs on MTurk, I am sure we could find some that suit us and make money from it.

The Payment to Complete the Tasks
Since this site is a micro work site, the payment per tasks is not so great. I found that the payment per task is ranging from $0.01 to $35.00 per completed tasks. (This is the payment I found on 27 December 2011, the payment might change in the future.). Although the payment is small, if you can find tasks that is around $5.00 per tasks, it is still a good side income for some simple tasks.

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