Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make Money Online by Uploading Files and Get Paid for 1000 Downloads |

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I found an interesting site that pays members to upload files to their site and members can make money online if their files are downloaded a 1000 times. is a site that pays members to upload their files and members can make money online for every 1000 downloads on their files. This is great right?

What I have on my mind now is that those affiliate marketing gurus who has over 50,000 subscribers on their email list can easily make money online. How? All they need to do is to give away free e-books or free videos by sending download links to their huge email lists. They can see money coming in at no time and no cost at all.

Note: Please be reminded that this method of making money is workable if you create your own digital products such as e-book, music, videos etc. Do not use copyrighted material to make fast money online because it is against the law. 

Imagine that 50,000 email subscribers get email and they can download free e-books and videos for free. I would say 80% of the subscribers will download and that will make up 40,000 downloads. The money making opportunities by having a huge email list is unlimited.

Make Money Online for 1000 downloads

When we first sign up, we will be given a normal rank. So, everyone who join will start as normal member. In, we earn in both ways: 1000 downloads and premium sales.

When you get 1000 downloads on your files, you get paid and if you successfully referred people to and they upgrade their membership to premium membership, you get paid 20% referral fees.

AS a normal member, we get paid $10.00 (average rate) per 1000 downloads. The best part is that every successful downloads is counted no matter where your visitors come from. count each and every download for visitors worldwide. Pay Table per 1000 downloads

make extra money online by uploading files

As you can see, you can see that different level of membership gives you different payment for 1000 downloads. If people are downloading bigger files size from you, you can earn even more.

The Minimum Payout: $15.00
Accepted Payment Processors: PayPal,Webmoney and AlertPay
Payment Period: Within 7 days upon request

Maybe for some of you, this is quite new and yes, for me, it is a new way to make money online. Maybe some of you are already using this method to make money online, if you are making money online using this method, please share some experience and ideas in the comment section.

There are thousands of ways to make extra money online, we lack the knowledge about those money making methods online. Once we know them and we learn them, we can be making more money online.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


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