Friday, December 30, 2011

Make Extra Money Online at

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If you have a digital camera or best if you have a DSLR and you are good at taking great photos, this is a chance for you to make extra money online. Do you know what you can actually make money online using your photos? It is possible. There is a site known as where photographers can publish their photos and participate in contests.

make money online using photo

I am a member of but I m not active in because my photography skills are not as good but one of my photos are chosen to be photo of the month few years ago though. If you got a camera, passion for photography, good at taking great photos etc, go ahead and participate in photos competitions, you might be able to make some great money and win some cool photography gadgets there.

How to Make Money Online from

Making money online using photos are easy. Why? All you have to do is to take photos, make sure you take good and great photos and you are on your way to make some real money online.

  1. Great photos
  2. Submit to Contests
  3. Win prizes

Basically, it is that simple. But bear in mind that not all great and beautiful photos will win. In the best photos will be given reward points. Reward points are awarded accordingly.

How Winning Photos are Chosen?
Winning photos are chosen based on different contests. Winning photos of different contests are chosen differently. Some contests allow winning photos to be chosen based on the total votes while some of the contests are chosen by ViewBug Team.

If your photos are top quality, you can participate in contests and I am sure you can win a lot of great prizes.

What Prizes are Given to Winners?
As for the prizes, some are real cash but most of them are photography accessories as well as DSLR cameras. Prizes are great and the chances are high if you can take great photos.

Additional Ways to Make Money From Your Photos

You can sell the photos on ViewBug as well. You can start an eStore and sell you photos. All the printing, delivery and so on will be handled by ViewBug. (Learn more on how to sell photo).

So, ViewBug is a good site to make some money using photos. It is great and the ViewBug team are good as well. Give it a try:

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.



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