Monday, December 5, 2011

How 7 People with 7 Crazy Ideas Make Million Dollars Online

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Sometimes, millionaire bloggers and millionaire webmasters just do it differently and I would say they do it "Crazily for fun". It is quite weird that these sites actually works and actually earn the webmasters millions of dollars. The Internet is full of crazy ideas but those crazy ideas really work and made millions online.

Maybe that is how people make real money online? Or maybe it is just pure luck? They got lucky with their crazy ideas?

Make Money Online | How 7 People with 7 Crazy Make Million Dollars Online

make money online

The person behind this website is Alex Tew. He created his website with the idea to sell each pixels for USD$1.00 per pixel. He put up a total of 1,000,000 pixels for sell (1 Million pixels for sell). Now, his site is fully sold out. No more pixels are available anymore. That is a million dollar on his website.

Alex Tew is 21 years old when he started How did Alex come out with this idea? According to Alex, “After an hour or two of jotting random things on paper, the idea seemingly popped out of nowhere. Almost like my subconscious mind had been ticking over in the background, working it all out. So it just kind of happened. That’s about it. I scribbled it down and within about ten minutes a picture of what needed to be done had emerged.

2. is another crazy but great idea. is a website that provides service for parents to create a specialized letter and mail it to their children. The service is just USD$9.95 plus Free shipping. sent out over 300,000 mails last year alone and that is roughly USD$3 millions a year. Special and great idea indeed.

Do you know that your car has an antenna? Yes, that is where's products come in. This site sells balls with special design that can be placed on you car antenna. And, that makes them more than million dollars. Funny and does not make sense.

Diapers? Think about it. This site sells beautifully designed bag to carry diapers. The bag is smaller in size and stylish design that fits new moms that like fashion. The idea and products become a new and exciting concept in the market. Now, has more than 1000 stores across the country and online.

This site is created by 2 teens. This site turns into social bookmarking site that earn more than USD$4 millions. Now, they have over 45 employees, 3 million members and some great advertisers on their site. 3 million members and some top notch advertisers is well worth over $5 million if you want to buy this site.

Phil Black made playing cards with exercise theme. Somehow, people are interested with his design and he made USD$4.7 million on this simple idea. He is selling one pack for USD$18.95.

Doggles or goggles? Ok, goggles are for human while Doggles are for dogs! This crazy idea turns out to worth millions. Million dollars are made by selling doggles!

You can see that all these ideas does not even make sense to make a million dollar online. So, do you have any crazy ideas? Don't stop yourself from taking action on your crazy ideas, you never know what will happen. who knows your ideas might turn out to be million dollar ideas as well.

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About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.