Friday, December 23, 2011

Blogging Tips: 7000 Words Per Post or 450 Words Per Post?

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When it comes to blogging, we know that we all need to write blog posts, create fresh contents, provide new updates to our blog and of course, give useful and high quality information to our blog readers. So, when it comes to the time for me to write new blog post, I always wonder, "Should I write my blog post in 7000 words or just write 450 words blog post?".

I have done an analysis on content creation for blog in order to get good ranking on Google search result page. My analysis includes some of the criteria length of blog posts, SEO and writing style. Some great insights and discovery are found in this analysis.

Length of Blog Posts - Do Long Blog Posts Scare Readers Away?
This is something we should think of. Personally, I do not like long blog posts that are sloppy but I like long blog posts that are high quality and highly informative. Let me ask you a question: Would you read long blog posts if the information you are looking for are describe in in-depth details? I am sure your answer is Yes. Right?

How You Could Make Extra Money Online without Investment?
When we come across the title as shown above, what do you think? Interesting right? I am sure most of you reading this post do come across the title above. I am sure that most of the websites you found might be affiliate sites that have long sales letter, long videos, long list of happy customers etc.

Ask yourself, is that what you want to read? Personally, I would say "No." I would say "Hey, will you just give me the answer?"

Sometimes, it is quite annoying reading those affiliate websites but that is something people do online to make money online. Somehow, that is one way to make money online and I would say that those affiliates are great and professional online sale promoter.

Since we are blogging for money not selling affiliate products, we should share our knowledge with our blog readers and give clear information. That would help our blog grow faster.

How long a Blog Post is a Good Blog Post?
I think that a good blog post does not have to be lengthy. If lengthy blog post is unavoidable, then just keep most of the important points stand out. I like compact and straight to the point and highly informative blog posts. That is why I read blogs that are well written, well analyse and I read blogs that can provide invaluable insights about the topics I am searching for. Sometimes, some blog posts are very long but the information in it is very valuable and engaging that I will keep on reading from the beginning until the end.

So, my advice is: make your blog posts around 1000 words and straight to the point.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - What length of Blog Post is good for SEO?
I read that some bloggers mentioned that long blog posts are great for website optimization especially after Google Panda update. (I will write about Google Panda soon.) So, I do a research to find out whether long blog posts are good for website optimization and I found some great information.

In actual, it is not the length of the blog posts that determine the search engine ranking of the blog posts. I found some of the important criteria for great search engine optimization:

SEO Link Building

The most important criteria of all is Page Level Link Metrics. So, it means that the length of blog post is not so important for blog SEO. It is important to build links within your blog because it is the most important criteria. (I will write more in-depth details about SEO for blog soon.)

Writing Style - Talking NOT Lecturing
Yes, a blog is a place to share knowledge, engage visitors and keep visitors coming. I had written a blog post on 4 Tips to Write High Impact blog Posts. It is important to note that we are writing for visitors, we must talk to them, not giving a lecture. We all know that attending a lecture is boring right?

Other than blogging by talking not lecturing, I have created a simple diagram for you to refer on how to properly format your blog posts.

Best Blog Post Format

Look at the diagram above, it is how most top bloggers format their blog posts. This format makes their blog posts look more tidy and it is the list format as mentioned in 4 Simple Tips for High Impact Blogging. By formatting the blog post this way, it makes your blog more effective to convey your information to blog readers.

That is it for the analysis on length of blog posts. I will be doing more researches on blogging and I will add in more fresh post about blogging and make extra money online soon.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.