Friday, December 9, 2011

8 Common AdSense Questions and Answers

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I found that there are some popular questions asked by AdSense Publishers (Advance or newbie). So, here in this post, I have collected 8 Common AdSense Questions with Answers so that you can read through and keep your AdSense account in good standing. Read through the 8 common questions and you will know how to keep your AdSense account in better shape. Make money blogging using Google AdSense is the best way for everyone.

What If I accidentally Clicked on My AdSense Ads
Google AdSense Team understands that accidental clicks will occur. AdSense Team do not requires publishers to report accidental clicks to them every time you accidentally clicked your own ads. But,make sure accidental click do not happen too often.

Invalid Clicks Activities
When you noticed invalid clicks activities on your AdSense Ads, you must notify Google AdSense Team about it. You can submit invalid clicks report to AdSense Team. As long as you notify them about the invalid clicks activities on your AdSense Ads, your AdSense account will be in good standing. So, be honest.

How to Contact AdSense Team
Previously, AdSense Team can be reached using this email: EMAIL but now it is no longer working. So, you can try to submit your problems to the AdSense Help Group. There will be faster reply from the help group. You can visit Google AdSense Help Group to learn more or maybe ask questions regarding AdSense Implementation.

Appealing for AdSense Account
I have written a post for this. You can check my post on "Appeal for AdSense Account". I am sure it will be useful for you. Send your appeal to Google AdSense and get your AdSense account back to continue make money online. Please be honest and be polite when you are appealing for your AdSense account.

Significant Increase in Blog Traffic
Sometimes, we will experience sudden traffic surge or maybe our blog traffic is increasing fast. Google AdSense Ads on our blog will record down all the impressions generated and thus some of us might be concerned that this might cause problems to our AdSense Account. In this case, you may notify AdSense Team about your unusual blog traffic (if the increased in blog traffic is too high). Most of the time, you do not need to notify AdSense Team as they will monitor and credit your AdSense account properly.

My AdSense Ads are Clicked but No Earnings?
This happens quite frequently. If your AdSense report shows that your AdSense Ads are being clicked but no earnings are paid, it means the click is invalid. AdSense has system to detect invalid clicks n our AdSense Ads, so the system will decide whether a click is valid or invalid. Invalid clicks get no payment.

Can I place AdSense within my Blog Posts?

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This is another common question asked by a lot of AdSense Publishers. The answer is yes, we can place AdSense within our blog posts. This is stated in the AdSense blog and it is stated in AdSense Help Group as well. You can look at AdSense One Click Optimizer for the Best AdSense Ads format and Best Ads location.

Can We Use Our Own AdSense Search Box to Search Our Blog?
Try to avoid using the AdSense Search Box on your blog to avoid accidentally click on your AdSense Ads that appear on the result pages. If we want to perform a search, use Google.comor if you are trying to search your own blog, you can login to your account to search for your blog posts.

So, that is all the tips to make more money from Google AdSense. All the best and make more money blogging using Google AdSense.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.

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