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45 Google AdSense Tips to Increase AdSense Earnings

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By now, I think that most of us are already using Google AdSense on our blog. Google AdSense is already so popular that most of us already know how to use it on our blog and make money from Google AdSense. Making money from Google AdSense is simple and straight forward but to make real money and make a lot of money from Google AdSense is not easy.

Some people are making less than $100.00 a month while some are making millions of dollar from Google AdSense. so, what are the core differences of those making millions from Google AdSense as compared to those making less than $100.00 a month?

AdSense Tips | Google AdSense is a Great Way to Earn Money From Blog

AdSense Tips Secrets

Traffic, Ads Position, Keywords, Color Schemes and etc.

In this post, I am going to share with you 45 Golden AdSenseTips to Make Money From Google AdSense. I hope that these Google AdSense Tips can help you make more money from Google AdSense.

45 Google AdSense Tips to Increase AdSense Earnings

So, here are all the 45 AdSense Tips. I found that some of the AdSense tips here are very useful. When I implemented the tips below, I found some improvement on my AdSense eanings. You can try the AdSense tips below on your blog to see if there are any changes to your adsense income.

45 Golden Adsense Tips for Bloggers
Tip #1: Always make AdSense Ads appear as a part of your blog, NOT an ads
Tip #2: Always place AdSense Ads above the fold as it is good for higher click-through-rate
Tip #3: Blend AdSense Ads with your blog to make it look like a part of your blog
Tip #4: Best AdSense Ads Format is 336x280, 300x250 and 728x90
Tip #5: Use text Ads instead of image Ads as research shown that text Ads are getting more clicks
Tip #6: Use AdSense Ads with no border. Make the border color the same as your blog background color.
Tip #7: Don't use other advertisements on your blog so that the clicks you get are on AdSense Ads
Tip #8: Obey the Google AdSense Rules if you want to make long term income from AdSense
Tip #9: Top of your blog and area next to your articles are the best place to put AdSense Ads
Tip #10: Get traffic to your blog using the correct ways (SEO, link exchange etc)
Tip #11: Use section targeting to get the most relevant AdSense Ads for your blog (AdSense Section Targeting)
Tip #12: If text Ads do not works well, use text/image Ads
Tip #13: Sometimes, image Ads get more clicks and earn more money
Tip #14: Create custom channels to track the AdSense performance on your blog
Tip #15: Less is more. Place 1 or 2 AdSense ads on your blog because it generates more money per click
Tip #16: Use Google AdSense Heatmap as guideline to place AdSense Ads (AdSense Heatmap Guide)
Tip #17: Create more blogs to earn more from Google AdSense but you will have to work hard
Tip #18: Write quality contents for your blog
Tip #19: Use Google Sitemaps, create sitemaps for your blog
Tip #20: Submit your blog to search engines
Tip #21: Social bookmark your blog to get more traffic (Top Social Bookmaking sites)
Tip #22: Always test new AdSense placement to increase CTR (AdSense Higher CTR location)
Tip #23: Avoid Public Service Ads (PSA)
Tip #24: Aim higher AdSense CTR, try the placement until you get the best CTR
Tip #25: Ads Relevancy is very important.No people wants to click on Ads that are irrelevant
Tip #26: Do not click your own AdSense Ads
Tip #27: Do not use click bots
Tip #28: Prevent Ads blindness by rotating AdSense Ads color combination
Tip #29: Place AdSense Ads in your posts
Tip #30: Use article marketing to drive traffic to your blog
Tip #31: Try AdSense link unit. Sometimes, link units work very well
Tip #32: Do not change AdSense code provided by Google AdSense
Tip #33: Use AdSense Ads Preview Tools to preview Ads that will be shown on your blog
Tip #34: Block those Ads that are irrelevant to your blog
Tip #35: You can get more help at AdSense Help Group regarding your AdSense problems
Tip #36: Place higher paying AdSense Ads near the top of your blog as it generate higher income
Tip #37: Higher paying Ads appear near the top page of your blog
Tip #38: Keep your blog focus on one topic (Make Keywords Stand out in Your Blog)
Tip #39: Reducing the number of ads can increase the earnings per click
Tip #40: Read AdSense Inside Official blog to learn the latest news about Google AdSense
Tip #41: Try different font faces for your AdSense Ads to find out which one is work best for your blog
Tip #42: Submit your blog to dmoz or any other online directories
Tip #43: Use AdSense search box in your blog
Tip #44: Make sure sufficient white spaces appear around your AdSense Ads
Tip #45: Test, test and test. Test until you get the best location that gets the most clicks.

That is it. 45 AdSense Tips to increase AdSense earnings. You can try using the tips above and try them one-by-one, I am sure some of them can help you increase your AdSense income. The list is long, please take some time to read through it and the most important thing is to test them on your blog.

Learn more AdSense Tips at Google AdSense Tips.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


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I was so disappointed and frustrated the way google adsense disabaled my account i have no other way to re apply due to invalid clicks activity that occured.

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I am still looking for ways to help Bloggers that are being banned by AdSense. I have some ideas now and I will write a post for it soon. Stay tuned. Thanks.

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