Monday, December 12, 2011

4 Simple Tips to Write High Impact Blog Posts

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Socializing is the nature of blog. A blog is a place we share experience and knowledge. Sometimes, we do like to write like we are lecturing but that is too boring. Am I right? I think that most of us here do not like t read blog posts that feel like a lecture.

I know that you might have come across a lot of blog posts that are so boring, yes, I do come across some blog posts that sound like lecture and boring. I don't like it either. A blog post that talks about, shares about, gives values and some emotion in blog post will be a more preferable blog post for everyone to read.

In this post, I am going to share with you 4 tips I am using or I tried to use in my blog to write high impact blog posts. (Why Great Blog Posts Matter So Much For Blogging?) I hope it does not bored you and I hope it gives you some ideas to write a better blog.

Talk Blogging, DON'T Lecture Blogging
In a blog post, what I usually do is to talk or discuss rather than lecture. That is what I learn from other top bloggers. They write blog posts as if they are talking to you. And, that is the best blog post with the highest impact on readers. Are you talking with your readers?

Provide Value in Blog Posts
Ok, now you know that talking to your readers is important but talking without good content value is going make your blog worst. When we are blogging, our blog serves as a place for readers to look for information. So, information is the real value to readers. Just make sure that you provide blog posts with great value. Tips to bear in mind when blogging : Readers always come to your blog for SOLUTIONS. So, write blog posts that can help your readers solve their problems. That will be a great value to your readers.

Readers are not robot, Add Some Emotions in Blog Posts
Sometimes, reading blog posts are so boring. Try to add in some personal opinions, feeling towards a method, personal experience etc. Make your blog post more lively so that your blog readers will not feel bred and tired reading your blog posts. Are you tired and boring with this post? I hope you are having great time reading this. :)

List style blogging
Another important tips to write a great blog is to write your blog posts in list style. What is list style blogging?

List Style Blogging
List style blogging is by far the most effective blog posts format for bloggers. List style blogging means composing your blog posts in list or bullet point format.

List style blogging is tidy and clean. The best thing I like most about list style blogging is that list style blogging makes the important points of your blog posts look more appealing to your blog readers. You can read on all the top blogs, they are using list style blogging; some start their blog posts with a large image, some start with their profile and most write a short summary for their blog posts and list 10 posts on the main page.

Do you notice that some blogs look like magazines? That is considered as list style blogging as well. Look at the picture above, that is one of the example of blogs using magazine style.
About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.