Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tips to Work From Home Without Procrastinating

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Working from home is a dream for me and I think most of us here are hoping to make money from home and work from home. Working from home is comfortable, flexible, fun and happy (I would say). But all these benefits often make us lazy because we indulge ourselves in this happiness and forgot what is really important for us to do for the day. So, we end up not going anywhere further and stuck at some point that makes us unable to achieve good income by working from home.

One of the biggest challenges of working from home and make money from home is Procrastination and Indulgence in the World of Flexibility and Comfort at home.

Work From Home | Tips to Work From Home Without Procrastinating

Work From Home | Procrastination and Indulgence in the World of Flexibility and Comfort at Home

Procrastination and indulgence in flexibility and comfort at home are the killers of our online success. We delay our tasks to do something else such as shopping, watching TV programs and etc. So, we end up giving reasons such as "Hmm.. I just do it tomorrow." or "I will complete the tasks today later.". We end up not achieving anything by working at home because of these two killer habits.

So, do something to change the two killer habits if we want to make money online and work from home. If we can treat work from home and earn money online as our full time job, put in efforts and time to it, we could make a lot of money online.

Where We Use Our Time When We Work From Home

We usually delay our tasks if we work at home. Why? It is because we are own on boss and no boss are looking at our progress. So, in this case, we will have to take good care of our own progress or else we are better suit to go back and work in the office.

So, where do we normally spend our time when we work at home? I list out some of the common activities that we normally do at home:

  • Spend time reading newspaper in toilet (This could waste up to 45 minutes or more a day)
  • Watching TV programs (This goes on and on until you do not even do anything to make money from home)
  • Go for shopping (This is the worst as it takes almost whole day)
  • Surf the Internet but not doing the online jobs that will make money (Facebooking is the most common activity for most people)
  • Watching YouTube videos or other videos (This do not help you make money online, it wastes your time)

I am not saying that checking Facebook about friends' updates or watching YouTube videos are not good for you. It has some good but you should try to limit your time spent on these activities if you are serious about making money online and work from home.

How to Work From Home Effectively for More Money

Most of us procrastinate and delay to do our online jobs. For example, if you treat blogging as a job, you should do it with proper schedule. Remember the time you are working in office, you have dateline, you are working on projects and you have to work very hard to complete it or else you will be "bombed" by your boss. That is actually the part that makes you work as hard as you could in the office.

So, if you work from home, how to motivate yourself to work harder?

Motivate Yourself to Work From Home Harder

It is not easy to control ourselves if we work from home for money. We tend to spend time on something else and that happens to me all the time. So, I figure out some methods to keep myself focus on my blog and all the online income opportunities so that I could make the most money online.

How I motivate myself? Check the methods below:

  • Goal
  • Schedule
  • Money
  • and I don't want to see another boss!

So, the list above is the way I motivate myself to work from home harder and work faster. Basically, we are all racing with time. I want to make the most money from the Internet as fast as possible.

  • My Goal: I am aiming to make USD$0.05 every minute.
  • Schedule: 1 new article a day on my blogs.
  • Money: I want to make USD$900.00 a month from the Internet.
  • I don't want to see another boss!!!

So, that is my motivation. That is the way I motivate myself to work hard online and work hard for my blog.

Well, my blog is always mine. After I work hard for it, it will help me make money online and it always will. If I am working as an employee in a company, the projects I completed become the assets of the company. I get nothing from the project but salary by the end of the month. So, I prefer to work from home by blogging and work as hard as possible to reach my goal.

You can read my post on "Work at Home by Blogging At Home".

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.

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