Monday, November 28, 2011

Spying on Competitor's Websites Traffic

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Sometimes, we are curious about how well our competitors are doing and we are wondering how is their blog traffic doing? I would say most of us have the feeling of curiosity to check on our competitors. Only by knowing how your competitors are doing then you will know whether a niche is profitable or not. If you have competitors making more than $5000.000 a month on his/her blog, you can tell know that you are also able to make that amount.

So, today in this post, I am going to share with you how you could check on your competitors and see how their blog perform. So, let us spy on competitors to see how they are doing.

Spy on Competitors | Spying on Competitor's Websites Traffic

What would you like to spy on your competitors? I have listed out some of the things that we would like to check on our competitor's blog. Below are the things that we would like to spy on competitors' blog:

  • Number of visitors and pageviews
  • Keywords
  • Traffic Value

The 3 items above are the important items for us to look into if we would want to spy on our competitors.

Spy on Competitors | Check the Number of visitors of Competitors' Blog

The number of visitors of our competitors' blog can be checked by using and These 2 sites are free to use and we can use them to look at the traffic of competitors' blog.

spy on competitors

If you are using, it is very slow because we need to queue to use their tool. It normally takes more than 5 minutes or sometimes more than 10 minutes before it is your turn to check websites traffic. I tried but it is too slow. So, I gave up using it and turn to to spy on competitors's blog.

spy on competitors

I recommend using to check site traffic. It is fast and quite accurate. In, you can actually see where the traffic is coming from, the site ranking, number of page views per day, unique visitors and etc. I would say is good and fast. It takes less than 1 minute, for my case, less than 30 seconds and I can get the result I want about my competitors' blog.

Spy on Competitors Keywords and Traffic Value

spy on competitors

If you want to spy on competitors' keywords and the daily traffic value your competitors' blog are getting, you can use This site offers free service ass well as paid service. In my opinion, the free service is sufficient to spy on competitors.

For me, I like to use free service because I do not want to pay to spy on my competitors' blog. All I need is just basic information about competitors' blog so that I know where my blog is heading, how hard do I need to work to get closer to my competitors and so on.

On, you can spy on competitors' blog on the keywords used by your competitors. So, in this case, if you find that you are using the same keywords as your competitors, you might want to change your keywords or if you want to fight for the keywords, you will have to work very hard to fight for the keywords in order to rank high in search engines. is very powerful as it provides detailed information about the traffic value of your competitors. This is a very useful information if you spy on competitors' blog as it is where the money comes in and it is how you could rake in real money from your blog as well.

Spy on Competitors | Daily SEO Traffic Value assign values to the URL we keyed in. The value is a collective values of the clicks bring in. In other words, the amount of money made per click.

Traffic value is very important because it shows how much money you can make by dominating the keywords or niche. And, it shows you roughly how much is your competitors are making daily from their blog.

An Analysis on
If you are writing on Stock Investment Techniques, you might want to spy on large investment website such as Investopedia. By checking on Investopedia, you can see the number of page views or visitors a day on Investopedia and of course, by using, you can see the traffic value of Investopedia.

Number of Unique Visitors: 118,000 visitors per day
Number of Page Views: 288,000 page views per day
Daily SEO Traffic Value: $125k to $153k

By looking at the traffic value, we roughly know that Investopedia is making more than USD$125,000.00 a day and that would be USD$3,750,000.00 a month. That is USD$3.75 million a month. That is a large amount of money. So, if you could work hard for this niche and make good use of keywords, you could also make that amount of money from your blog but you will have to put in a lot of efforts to reach the income level of Investopedia.

If you want to make that amount of income a month, you will have to work very hard to get to that income level. Get More Blog Traffic using Social Bookmarking.

So, those are the 3 websites (, and that can help you spy on competitors and get clearer information about your competitors.

By spying on your competitors, it will give you a clearer idea whether you are on the right track or not and you know how much harder you have to work on your blog to get those money coming in. So, is spying on your competitors' blog a worthwhile tasks? I would say "Yes, it is worth my time to do it.". You can gain a lot of insights into the blogs of other people which are in the same niche as your blog.

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