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Make Money Blogging with Infolinks

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If your blog has a lot of contents, another way to monetize it is to convert some of your post's keywords into monetized links and you can earn few more extra income when your blog readers click on the links.

One of the way which is very popular now is to use to transform selected keywords of your blog's contents into monetized links. The keywords on your blog can be transformed into money making links which will help you get good number of clicks and of course make some great income as well.

Make Money Blogging | Make Money From Blog using Infolinks

Make Money Blogging | How Infolinks Works?


Infolinks will automatically select keywords from your blog and convert those keywords into Infolinks. Those links are normally underlined in blue or green. (You can see it on Earn Money From Blog 2.0). Those links will make you good income if people are clicking on them. So far, I am having a good extra income from Infolinks, the best part is that it works with Google AdSense.

Ways to Make Money From Inforlinks

There are a number of ways to make money from Inforlinks. Unlike normal advertising sites, you get 4 types of advertising methods from Inforlinks.

1. Turn your keywords into links that makes money
2. Place related tags on your blog for extra money (This works like AdSense Link Units)
3. Place Tag Cloud on your blog, any clicks on the tag clouds will generate money for you.
4. Inforlinks search widget (This ads will only appear to search engine traffic)

Make More Money From Blog | Installing Infolinks on Blogger's Blog

Installing Infolinks takes less than 10 minutes. You can use the automatic installation or you can copy and paste the codes to your blog. It is so simple.

Submit Your Blog to Inforlinks
First steps of all is to submit your blog URL to Infolinks.Look at the picture below:

inforlinks submit

All you need to do is to type in your blog URL, categories, language and monthly page views. Then, hit the Submit button and wait for approval. The approval usually takes less than 1 day. Sometimes, it takes only a few minutes to get approval.

Make Money From Infolinks | 1 Minute Integration
Now, you have submitted your blog to Inforlinks, it is time to install the codes and start making some money using Inforlinks from your blog.

inforlinks 1 minute integration

The integration is simple. You can either copy the codes and paste to your blog or if you are using Blogger or blogspot, just click the "Add Inforlink to your Blogger" button will do the integration. Once you have finished doing the integration, now you need to customize the look of the links on your blog.

Inforlinks Customization Wizard
Under customization wizard section, you can customize the look of the links that will appear on your blog which includes color, underline, number of text links, icon and your blog content category. All these will determine your income level from Inforlinks.

inforlinks customization wizard

For Earn Money From Blog 2.0, I am using blue links with icon next to the link and dotted underline. I would not say this is the best combination, I just want to make the links look clean and tidy on my blog. So, I use this combination.

Related Tags Integration

inforlinks related tag

Related tags are another way to monetize your blog using Inforlinks. This is another add-on for your blog to make more money from Inforlinks. Related tags is also easy to integrate to Blogger's blog. Look at the picture above, you only need to click on the "Yes, place Related Tags in my website and start earning more (recommended).". Then, it will be integrated into your blog. Easy and straight forward.

Inforlinks Tag Cloud Integration
AS we all know, tag cloud are kewords that are related to our blog's contents which are arranged in cloud-like design. On so far, I do not know any method to place tag cloud, maybe there are some methods to do it. BUT, now, I would not want to place normal tag cloud on my blog, I am placing Inforlinks tag cloud on my blog.

inforlinks tag cloud

Inforlinks Tag Cloud enables you to make money when people are clicking on it. This is working great because tag cloud are getting high click-through-rate. This means you can earn a lot more from Inforlinks tag cloud. Look at the picture above, just select "Yes, place the Tag Cloud unit in my website and start earning more (recommended)." and you will see tag cloud appear at the footer of your blog.

Inforlinks Search Widget
Inforlinks search widget is a great way to monetize your blog as well. It monetize traffic from search engines. Search widget will only appear if the visitors are coming from search engines. This works perfectly well for higher click-through-rate. Search engines traffic are high value traffic because the visitors are looking for information and as the search widget appear, it becomes a great way to get a lot of clicks and make more money from your blog. (Learn how to get search engines traffic.)

inforlinks search widget

Look at the picture above, that is how Inforlinks search widget will appear for search engines traffic. It appears at the bottom of the page which will catch the eyes of visitors and get clicks.

Inforlinks Resources
Under the resources page, you can find other ways to integrate Inforlinks for your blogif your blog is not using Blogger blogspot. Inforlinks supports Wordpress integration, SiteBuildIt, Joomla and Drupal.

inforlinks resources
Here, you can see the picture of the page. It is as shown above.

If you are not hosting your blog on Blogger or blogspot, you can refer to this page to learn more on the Inforlink integration for your blog.

So, that is it. This is a complete ranging from Inforlinks application to Inforlinks integration and finally making money from Inforlinks using your blog. This is a complement to Google AdSense earning (Learn How to Quadruple AdSense CTR) . With Inforlinks and Google AdSense on your blog, the income opportunity is going to be higher than usual.

I notice that some of the Top Bloggers are making money from Inforlinks as well. I saw that is making money from Inforlinks, I bet he is making a lot of money (maybe hundreds of thousands) from Inforlinks. (Learn Make Money by Blogging From Home)

Feel free to subscribe to Earn Money From Blog 2.0, it is free. Thanks.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.

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