Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting Thousands of Backlinks to Your Blog

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The Internet is full of contents and it is getting tougher as there are more competitors competing for the same niche your are working on. Besides having good and high quality contents, on your blog, you need to do some backlinking job for your blog. These are extra works you have to do to have your blog ranked higher and higher in Google and other search engines. Always remember, high quality contents and thousands or more backlinks to your blog will get your blog ranked in the first or second page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization | Getting Backlinks

Getting backlinks is another activities that we have to do everyday. Other than writing new and fresh blog posts, you need to get backlinks to your blog. Backlinks can help your blog get small amount of traffic from different websites. When you get more backlinks, you get a lot of traffic to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization | What Are Backlinks


Backlinks are links from other sites linking back to your site. Look at the picture and you will get an idea what backlinks are. Basically, your links that appear on other blogs or other sites is backlinks to your blog.

Why Getting More Backlinks

Getting more backlinks can help your blog ranked higher in search engines because more backlinks to your blog means your blog is a great resource for the niche you are writing about. Remember what I mentioned about search engines in another posts? Search engines aim to provide the best search results for the users in terms of accuracy, keyword matching, content quality and the site authority. (You can check my post How to Make Your Keywords Stand Out).

So, as you get more backlinks to your blog, you are creating higher authority for your blog in the specific niche. Backlinks Equals Site Authority. (You can see the number of backlinks of you blog using Alexa tools: The Number of Backlinks To Your Blog)

How to Get Backlinks

Getting backlinks are not easy yet it is not hard but you need to work harder to get more backlinks to your blog. For now, you will have o manually get all the backlinks to your blog and you will have to use a lot of your own time doing so. Some of the methods to get backlinks are:

  • Leaving comments on other blogs
  • Buy links or ad-space from high ranking blog
  • Do Guess Posting
  • YouTube video with a link to your blog
  • Participate in forums and place a link to your blog in your signature
  • Submit your blog to search engines
  • Bookmark your blog to bookmark sites

Criteria of Good Backlinks

Not all backlinks are good but the more backlinks you get the better it is for your blog. There are some criteria for good backlinks to your blog. I have listed them as below:

  • Backlinks from related niche site or blog
  • Backlinks from High Page Rank Site
  • Backlinks from Search Engines
  • Backlinks from social bookmarks sites

All the backlinks I have listed above are good backlinks that you should get for your blog. It is always best to have backlinks from authority site that have the same niche as your blog. I think that the points stated above are self-explanatory, so I do not go into detail of how you can do it but I will be posting a list of sites soon to show you where you can get backlinks for your blog.

Getting backlinks to your blog is considered the hardest part of search engine optimization for your blog because it takes time for Google Bot (or other search engine bots) to index those backlinks and finally link back to your blog. Some sites are using "No Follow" on links on their site, so if you are placing your links on those blogs using "Comments", you probably get no backlinks from those sites at all. Make Your Keywords Appeal to Search Engines.

So, try to focus on those high Page Rank sites for more backlinks. I have posted the top sites to get backlinks for your blog. (Check Top Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites.)

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


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