Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6 Sites to Write Reviews for Money

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The first question I would like to ask you is that "Do you write articles online?". If your answer is "Yes.", then you could make money online using your writing skill. In this post, I am going to share with you 6 websites that pay you to write reviews on their sites.

Writing or typing is the most common things we do online in order to make money online. So, you can actually make money using your writing skill by writing reviews for websites that need reviews on products. There are several good websites out there that pays a good amount for people who work hard to write review for their sites, so in this post, I am sharing with you 6 sites that pays you to write review for their site.

Write Reviews for Money Online | 6 Site to Write Reviews for Money

write reviews for money

So, here are the 6 sites to write reviews for money online. If you have not checked them, you can visit their sites to learn more on how you could write reviews for money on their sites.

  • SharedReviews
  • Epinions
  • Review Stream
  • Shvoong
  • Review Centre
  • Ciao

SharedReviews has been a good site and it performs well for me. I got paid several times by You can check all my earnings from at All My Earnings Reports. It is working good so far.

I join Epinions as well but due to laziness, I do not have much success in Epinions. You can try to write reviews for Epinions. I am sure it is going to work great if you are hardworking and persistent.

ReviewStream is a special site as it pays USD$1.50 for every approved reviews. This is a large amount of payment per review but bear in mind, the rules of ReviewStream are very strict. Once you go against their rules, all your earnings will be forfeited.

Shvoong is also a write reviews for money site. I do not have time to write on so many sites, so, I do not have much success in Shvoong. Go ahead and check it out. You can write reviews on books and other products on Shvoong. You get a 10% revenue share from the advertising of Shvoong.

ReviewCentre is another site you can use to write for money. All the reviews on this site is real experience of users. You can write reviews about products and services and submit to ReviewCentre.

Ciao is now owned by In Ciao, you can earn up to £3.00 per review. All you need is to write good reviews and get more good ratings on your reviews on Ciao. The better your reviews, the more earnings you can earn from Ciao. Put in some efforts and you can write reviews for money on Ciao.

Write Reviews for money online

Those are the 6 sites that we can make money online by writing reviews. If you can work hard, you can make money online. It is not easy, but you can try to concentrate to work hard on one site and then continue to work on another one. The income will come in slowly but it will be good for long term income growth.

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About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.

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