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Thinking of Earn Money From Blog: 3 Must Have Accounts to Kick Start the Journey

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Everyone of us here are trying our very best to earn money from blog and make money from home, I understand that most of us are always in the thinking part but seldom or never in the take action part. Make money from blog at home takes a lot of discipline and efforts but before you can actually make money from home, you will need 3 types of account to start your journey of <strong>making money from blog</strong> at the comfort of your home.

So, what are those accounts? Check it out below:

  • Money sending or receiving account
  • Blog hosting account
  • Publishers/affiliate account

These are the 3 must have accounts to help you get started in making money from blog. You need them before you can earn money from blog and make money from home.

Earn Money From Blog | 3 Must Have Accounts to Kick Start the Journey

Account 1: Money sending or receiving account

This account helps you get paid and transfer the money into your bank account. The most common one that we are using will be PayPal. PayPal is considered as the best and simplest approach to get paid online. You can use PayPal to buy stuff online and you can get money send to your PayPal account from banks or money making programs you join. The best of all it is Free!

If you have not sign up for PayPal, you can Sign Up PayPal now.

Account 2: Blog Hosting Account

Since we are aiming to earn money from blog, we will need a web host to host our blog. One of the best and free blog hosting service is In fact, this blog is hosted on is free for everyone and you can monetize your blog easily using Google AdSense, Chitika, Amazon Affiliate, CPA Offers and much much more. I will go into more details about programs to make money from blog in another post. So, we continue to talk about

In, you can host your blog for free. You can make changes to the design that you like. You can edit the template codes, add in CSS codes, make changes, place Advertisements on your blog, add in newsletter subscription box and so on. If you find it hard to design the blog, there are preset design on which are quite good as well.

There are a lot of people using Wordpress publishing tools for their blog. This requires you to buy a hosting account, installing wordpress publishing tools on the hosting account and more technical steps before you can get started earning money from blog. Personally, self-hosted wordpress blog is a lot harder to setup as compared to Blogger's blog.

So, I would say earning money from blog using is the fastest and easiest approach.

Account 3: Publisher/Affiliate Account

As a blogger, if you want to make money from blog and make money from home, you could not just stop at writing a blog, update it with contents and expecting money to come your way. Money will not come to you if you do not join advertising networks.

The Most Popular Ways to Monetize Your Blog to Earn Money From Blog

Google AdSense

You can sign up for Google Adsense as a publisher. It is free. Placing Google AdSense Ads are so easy because you only need to copy and paste the codes in your blog. In fact, you actually can insert AdSense Ads using account as well. Both and Google AdSense are linked because both are owned by Google.  Google AdSense is based on Pay-Per-Click. It means we get paid for every clicks on AdSense ads.

Chitika Ads

Chitika Ads are good for blogs that received a lot of traffic from US and Canada. Chitika Ads works quite well on blogs that have large amount of US and Canada traffic because Chitika pays for clicks of US and Canada visitors. Chitika is also a pay-per-click advertising.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are programs where webmasters or bloggers can sign up and then place merchants' banners or buttons on websites or blogs. These buttons and banners are normally affiliate links. Normally, affiliate programs pays webmasters or bloggers by pay-per-click, pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale.

Some of the affiliate programs that I like are Amazon Affiliate,, and so on. These sites are good ways to monetize our blog because you are using their buttons to refer new people to their sites to make money. So, if those people you referred made money, you will be rewarded with some commission as well.

Cost Per Action (CPA) Advertising

Cost per action (CPA) advertising means we get paid if visitors do some actions such as filling forms, submit emails, submit ZIP codes, download, complete a survey and so on. Cost per action (CPA) advertising can be a very good income source on blog as well. This depends a lot of creativity. If you are creative, you can make a lot of money from CPA programs.

Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM) Advertising
Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM) ads are paying based on the total impressions generated on theirs ads on our blog. Some of the popular CPM advertising programs are TribalFusion, AdPepper and recently I joined a high paying CPM program known as This is a good site because my earnings there are quite good only after few days of joining it.

Selling Ads Space
Another lucrative way to make money from blog is to sell ads space on your blog. This is the hardest way to make money blogging because if you do not have a famous high traffic blog, you can't get advertisers to pay to buy ads space on your blog. So, in order to tap into this lucrative method to make money blogging, you need to work hard on building a quality blog that can attract large amount of blog visitors.

Earn Money From Blog is More than Just These 3 Accounts

Once you have got these 3 accounts, you can now start earn money from blog using your blog but there are something else to make your blog make money for you. That is what we like to call as getting traffic to your blog.

So, you have got the 3 accounts, you are on the right track. You can now move on to update your blog with fresh unique and high quality contents. Then, drive traffic to your blog and earn money from blog. Earn money from blog is not that hard, there are literally hundreds or thousands of ways to monetize your blog. All you need to do is find them, join them, place on your blog and make money from blog.

If you want more money from your blog, you can read Make Money From Blog using Infolinks. Infolinks can help you earn more money from blog, you can get extra money by using Infolinks.

If you like Earn Money From Blog 2.0, I hope you could subscribe to Earn Money From Blog 2.0 by using the subscription box located on my blog. You can get fresh tips about earn money from blog, work from home and make money online. I will try my best to share with you all the information in the most detailed ways possible.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.

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