Monday, October 24, 2011

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Images Optimization through Title and Alt Tags

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Do you know that search engines optimization (SEO) also includes the images you use on your blog? In fact, all the images, pictures and photos you use on your blog plays an important roles for search engine optimization. You need to use this search engines optimization technique properly and you will gain more visitors from search engines.

Proper image optimization can get your images listed in Google Image Search, and this is another great way to drive some traffic to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization | Images Optimization through Title and Alt Tags

Have you ever wonder why some pictures appear in search engines image results page? If you have thinked of that then it is all about optimizing your images for the search engines. So, in this post, you will learn how to optimize images in your blog for search engines.

How Images on Your Blog play a role for Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

Normally, images are in the form of jpg, png, gif and something else. So, how can we optimize our blog's images for search engines since they are not in text format and not keywords, how search engines can recognize them?

Give Your Images a "Name"

When we are writing a blog's post, we like to use some images on our post so that our posts will not be so boring. From what I know, some of us like to use images with the name as shown below:

  • DSC12211.jpg
  • DSC11510.jpg
  • DSC12561.jpg

If you are the search engines such as Google, do you think you will know what the images are all about? The answer will be no because search engines uses keywords to identify images. So, instead of using the images name as shown above, you can change the images to the name with related keywords. For example:

  • My-white-iPhone-4.jpg
  • blue-Lamborghini.jpg
  • Disney-Mickey.jpg

It is better to use keywords as the name of your images. This will makes life easier for search engines to find your images and list them in their search result page.

Alternate Tags and Title Tags for Images on Your Blog

Title tags
If you have noticed that some blogs have extra text appearing when you place your mouse over it, then that is known as title tags.
SEO alt tags and title tags

Here, you can see the picture above, it is my post about Make Money From Home from As you move your mouse over to the picture, you will see "Make Money from Epinions". That is because I placed title tags for the picture for better SEO.

Alternate Tags
Alternate tags or also commonly known as Alt tags is another important on-site optimization for images. In accurate term, alt tags are called Alt Attribute.

SEO alt tags and title tags

Alternate tags are text that will appear on your blog if the images are not loaded or some people might be using non-visual web browser. You can look at the picture above. When the images are not loaded, it will be rendered differently in different web browsers. So, alt tags are text to inform your blog readers what the images are.

If you can make use of the alternate tags and title tags, you can greatly improve your blog reading experience and of course, it is good for SEO as well. But, bear in mind, do not use Alt and Title tags solely for SEO purposes, use both alt and title tags wisely to convey information.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.