Monday, October 10, 2011

Quadruple AdSense Earnings and Increase Click Through Rate of AdSense Ads

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Few days ago, I published a post about Earn Money From Blog 2.0 AdSense HeatMap in which I show you that the AdSense Ads below posts title on the left side performs best to get more clicks but after I have tested another location on Earn Money From Blog, I found another best location to place AdSense Ads on our blog for a lot more clicks. This new location can dramatically improve AdSense click through rate (CTR) of my AdSense Ads and help me make a lot more money from Google AdSense.

Please continue reading to learn how to place AdSense Ads at the prime location for more AdSense CTR.

After a few days of testing, I found the new location to place AdSense Ads. The prime location is the CENTER area of our blog. Try to place the AdSense Ads or any other Ads as close to the center of our blog as possible. This is where the Ads get the most clicks.

Blog Homepage AdSense Placement

Earn Money From Blog HeatMap

You may position your AdSense Ads at your Homepage as shown in the picture above. The position above shows that AdSense Ads are placed near to the center of the page and the AdSense Ads are above the fold. This location give my AdSense Ads more clicks and almost 90% of the earnings are generated by this AdSense Ads at this location.

Blog Posts AdSense Placement

Earn Money From Blog HeatMap Post Page

Look at the picture above, that is the best location to place AdSense Ads on post page of our blogspot blog. This location gets the most clicks especially when people are reading your posts and when they are looking for more information, this AdSense Ads comes into their vision. I found that by placing AdSense Ads within the blog post, under the post title and positioning it nearer to the center area gets the best performance to get more AdSense Ads clicks.

So far, my AdSense income has increased tremendously by placing AdSense Ads at these 2 prime locations. I would say the total AdSense earnings increased more than 1000% using these locations.

You can try to place AdSense Ads at the location, you will see your AdSense Ads get more clicks than ever. Try it to see the effects. I am getting better CTR by placing AdSense Ads above the fold and close to center of my blog. After making these changes, the click through rate (CTR) more than quadruple.

I believe these placements are by far the best placements I managed to find for placing AdSense Ads on blog.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.