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How to Make Keywords Stand Out on Your Blog?

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We all know that search engines rank our blog using keywords on our blogs. But, you have to bear in mind that you should not use repetitive keywords on your blog as this is known as keywords stuffing. Keywords stuffing is unethical to search engines. So, I suggest you to make proper use of your blog keywords, do not over stuff your blog with keywords.

Read more about how you could make good use of your blog keywords to get your blog listed on Google and of course drive more traffic to your blog using keywords.

Search Engine Optimization | How to Make Keywords Stand Out on Your Blog?

Keywords Stuffing in the Past
Keywords stuffing works very well in the past to get our blog listed on first page on search engines BUT it is no longer working today. So, do not do this anymore as it will hurt your blog ranking.

So, how to use keywords to get maximum impact? I am going to share with you in this post because I discovered something while I was looking for information using Google.

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The story begins...
On a good sunny day, while I was surfing for blogs to read in order to improve my blogging skill, I found a secret that is placed in front of everyone but I bet not much people notice it. Google actually tells their users how they rank websites in Google search engines.

How Google Ranks Blogs, Websites and Keywords in Google Search Result Page

Now, I tell you how Google ranks blogs and websites in their result page. Always remember that engineers in Google or any other search engines are working very hard to fight spam sites that are stuff with keywords with irrelevant contents. Search engines want to make sure that their search result pages are showing high quality and high accuracy websites to their users.

Imagine one day...
You are using Google to search for "How to write resume" and all the results come out are those websites that are promoting their software to help you generate resume and asking you to buy the product or the search results are websites that are stuff with "how to write resume keywords" but no actual guide to teach you write a good resume. 

If this really happen to you, what would you do? How will you think of Google? For sure, you will  directly use other search engines to look for the information that are relevant to you. Probably you will go to Bing or Yahoo to search for information.

So, search engines are constantly updating their search algorithm to make sure all the search results are of high relevancy to users. So, for us, as a blogger that provide high quality contents, we will want our blog listed on the top of the search engines results. You can look at the pictures below, maybe you will get some ideas:

keyword in Google

keywords in google

keywords in google

So, have you noticed anything on the 3 pictures above? No? It is ok, I will tell you what you have to do.

From the search results as shown in the pictures above, you noticed that I circle the keywords in red. Google will try their best to match your search keywords to websites with the keywords. Everyone knows that, actually, I do not need to tell you. But, how Google match the keywords?

The Things I Noticed in Google Search Results Page
1. Google will match your search keywords to those websites that have your search keywords on their homepage. 
For example:Search Engine Marketing Google matches homepage keywords "Search Engine Marketing".
2. Google will also match keywords using synonyms. 
For example: "Blog income" Google matches with "Blogging Income" as shown in picture.
3. Google will match keywords even if the keywords are not connected together. 
For example: "How to sing well"  Google matches with "well, sing" as shown in picture. 

So, what we can do with keywords now?

After knowing how Google matches keywords, we will make sure:

Things to Do
1. Our blog keywords appear on our homepage so that Google can match it.
2. Use more synonyms. Do not stuff the same keywords all around your blog.
3. Spread keywords around your blogs.

So, make sure your blog are well-optimized for search engines. If you like this post, please help me spread it around through Facebook, Twitter, bookmarks or more. You can always use the links in the "Share This" to share my posts with your friend. I thank you in advance. :)

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About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


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