Friday, October 7, 2011

Google AdSense Page Revenue Per Thousand Impression (Page RPM)

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If you are using the new Google AdSense interface, you will notice that the reporting format is changed. Now, you no longer see eCPM but you will see Page Revenue per thousand Impressions (RPM). So, what is this new Page RPM all about? I will share with you in this post about Page RPM in Google AdSense new interface.

What is Page RPM Google AdSense

Page RPM is Page Revenue Per 1000 Impressions. Page CPM tells you the amount of money you can possibly make for 1000 impressions generated on your blog.

How to Calculate Page RPM in Google AdSense

AdSense Page RPM Formula

The formula is quite simple. The picture above is the formula to calculate Page RPM. From the formula, it is actually the same as eCPM calculation. So, Page RPM is actually eCPM but the numerator is Estimated Total Earnings in Page RPM.

In short, Page RPM is the same as eCPM. So, we still can use Page RPM to compare AdSense Ads performance on our blog just like using eCPM. If you have not read about eCPM, you can read Google AdSense eCPM to learn more on the usage of it.

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