Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Generate Sitemap for Blogger's Blog and Submit to Webmaster Tools

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Generating sitemap for blogger's blog? This gets really confusing when you come to think of this sitemap for blogger's blog. Since blogger's blog are hosted on, we will have to generate sitemap using some tools available on the Internet or we can create sitemap for our blog manually.

A lot of people are having problems generating sitemap for blogger's blog. So, in this post, I will share with you the ways to generate sitemap files for blogspot's blog and submit to major search engines.

What is the Benefits of Submitting Blogger's blogspot Sitemap to Google Webmaster Central

Some people will start questioning the importance of submitting sitemap to Google Webmaster Central. Most people will stop thinking about generating and submitting sitemap of their blogger's blog because it is quite hard to generate sitemap and most think that sitemap submission is not important.

Actually, submitting sitemap is one of the most important aspect of Search Engines Optimization. If it is done properly, you get a lot of benefits from the search engines. The benefits of submitting our blog's sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Proper index of pages of our blog
  • Improving crawler schedule
  • Better search engine ranking
  • Help search engines crawl your blog more effectively
  • Help search engines discover all the links of your blog through sitemap
  • Get your blog posts indexed and display in search engines results
  • Gain a lot more targeted traffic from search engines

If you read the list above, you will see that by submitting sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, you are actually helping the search engine bot to effectively crawl your blog. If your blog are discovered, you will gain traffic very fast from the search engines and of course, making money from your blog would not be a problem.

Generate Blogspot Sitemap using Sitemap Generator Tool

I found a tool known as Digital Inspiration Sitemap Generator Tool. This tool can help to generate sitemaps for blogger's blog. It is so simple that you only need to type in your blog address and the tool will automatically generate the sitemap for you.

After you got the sitemap, you can submit it to Google Webmaster Central by following the tutorial "How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Central and Major Search Engines"

Manually Generate Sitemap for Blogspot

You can also generate your blog's sitemap manually using the codes as shown below:

  • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500
  • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=500
  • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1001&max-results=500
  • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1501&max-results=500
  • and more

The codes above are useful when your blog grow bigger. If your blog are having more than 500 posts, 1000 posts and so on and so forth, then you can use the codes above to help Google Webmaster Tools to index all your blog posts.

After you have submitted the sitemap files to Google Webmaster Tools, give the Googlebot sometime before it will index your sitemap.

That's it. You have created your blog's sitemap and submit it using the tutorial "here"

(You can read more about How to Submit Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.)

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.