Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Alexa Ranking Explanation

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There are several important website ranking services on the Internet. Since most of us already know what Google Page Rank is, then in this post, I am going to share with you another popular website ranking service called Alexa ranking.

In this post, you will learn about:
  • What is Alexa Ranking
  • Why use Alexa Ranking
  • What other Features Alexa Offers?
  • Check out Alexa Ranking of those Popular Sites
  • Why Alexa Ranking Information is Invaluable?

Search Engine Optimization | Alexa Ranking

All this will help you build a better blog, know the competition, know where the traffic source are coming from and know what are those keywords that brings in traffic to the top blogs and to our own blog.

What is Alexa Ranking

alexa ranking

Alexa ranking is not uncommon for those of you who have been blogging for several months or years. It is a website ranking standard that we will normally refer to to get ranking information about our blog as compared to other blogs. This is very important because Alexa ranking serves as a fast check on how well our blog perform on the Internet.

Why use Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is by far the easiest and fastest way to know the ranking of our blog. By using Alexa ranking, you can track your blog ranking each and everyday. Alexa ranking is like a tool for us to know how fast is our blog overtaking other blogs.

Imagine that your blog is like driving a car and Alexa ranking serves as your speedometer but this speedometer shows that your blog is moving up raking faster if the values it shows is smaller.

For example:
You blog's Alexa rank yesterday: 1,802,302
Today, you check again, the rank: 1,705,800

So, you know that your blog is moving up in Alexa rank. It moves up by 96,502 in one day. That is an amazing improvement in Alexa ranking.

What other Features does Alexa Offers?

Alexa tells you your blog ranking. Other than that, it also tells you some other important factors that will improve your blog Alexa rank. Some of the important factors that will affect your Alexa rank are:

  • Sites linking in
  • Search queries (Normally, we called as keywords)
  • Traffic Stats
  • Regional Traffic ranking
  • Site loading time
  • Way back machine (A tool to go back to the history of a site, it works like a time machine to go back in time.)
  • and more...

Personally, I find that the most useful features that Alexa offers are sites linking in and search queries. These 2 factors can be considered as the major factors affecting the Alexa ranking of our blog. I will write more about how to improve Alexa ranking soon. Please stay tuned for the tips for better Alexa ranking.

Check out Alexa Ranking of those Popular Sites

When you go to Alexa website, you can click on "Top Sites". You will find the sites below are listed as the top sites in Alexa rank. These sites are those that we know.

  • Google: Global rank No.1
  • Facebook: Global rank No.2
  • YouTube: Global rank No.3
  • Yahoo!: Global rank No.4

You can see their source of traffic, the sites linking in and the search queries. Those are invaluable information about the sites. This is especially important when you are starting a new site that works almost like these top sites.

Why Alexa Ranking information is Invaluable?

If you are creating a search engines that works like Google or Yahoo!, then these information will be very useful for you. You can see what sites are linking to Google and Yahoo! and of course, you can see what are the queries that are most searched. This way you can create your search engines by using all these information.

This works for our blogs as well. We can see what other blogs are better as compared to our blogs. We can see the queries that relate to those blogs and we can see the sites linking back to them. We can do the same as well.

So, is Alexa ranking important? That is up to you to decide. I would say it is very useful and the information are indeed helpful to build a better blog. And, the sure thing is that, by using information on Alexa's website, we can be sure that our blog are properly optimize and we can get traffic to our blog.

You can check the number of backlinks to your blog at Alexa, check my post Alexa Ranking: Number of sites linking your blog.

You can visit Alexa's website: Alexa.com

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.