Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to Setup Your Google AdSense Account for Western Union Payment

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Few days ago, I posted my 7th Google AdSense earnings which I received through Western Union. That is my first time getting Google AdSense payout using Western Union. If you have not read about my 7th Google AdSense payout, you can read it at "Google AdSense Payment Proof: USD$111.22". I just want to say that getting Google AdSense payment through Western Union is a lot more faster (Really FAST) than the conventional method, conventional mail.

If you have not tried getting Google AdSense payment using Western Union, this post will teach you how to setup your Google AdSense Account to get paid through Western Union, how to fill in the Western Union form to get Google AdSense payment and finally get paid.

Comparison of Conventional Mail VS Western Union to get Google AdSense Payment

Google AdSense using Conventional Mail
Shipping Duration : 1 month to get the check through mail
Clearing the check: 1 month to clear the check and get paid.
Total Duration       : 2 months

Google AdSense using Western Union
Form filling duration      : 15 minutes
Submit form & get paid : 20 minutes
Total duration                : 35 minutes or less

If you are using Western Union, you get paid in less than 35 minutes which is a lot more faster as compared to getting paycheck using conventional mailing service.

How to Setup Google AdSense Account to get paid through Western Union Quick Cash

AdSense Earning Through Western Union

First of all, login to your Google AdSense account. Then, go to "My Account" > "Account Settings" as shown in the picture above. Then, click on "Edit" for "Payment Details" as shown in the picture above. (Please click on the picture for enlarge view.)

AdSense Earning Through Western Union

Secondly, you will reach a page as shown in the picture above. Select "Setup Western Union Quick Cash" and click on "Continue >>" button.

AdSense Earning Through Western Union

Thirdly, you will reach a page as shown above where you can fill in your name. Please follow the steps here properly or else you will not be able to get Western Union payment. Here you have to make sure your name are filled correctly. Click the picture above to have a larger view.

Important Note:

  • Make sure your name is correctly filled in and it is EXACTLY the same as your personal Identification Card (IC). 

After filling in all the boxes, and make sure your name is correct, tick the:
"I agree that I have a government issued ID that matches the contact name above."

Finally, click on "Save Changes".

Done! You have successfully setup your Google AdSense account for Western Union Quick Cash. Now, you only need to wait until the end of the month and get your payment from Western Union Quick Cash but you will need Western Union Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to get the payment.

(I will explain about Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) in another post to teach you to get the payment and filling in the Western Union form.)

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