Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to Create Facebook Fan Page to Blogger's Blog

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Everyone knows Facebook and almost everyone has at least a Facebook account. I think I do not need to further explain what Facebook is all about, all we need to know is that Facebook is having more than 750 million active users and that would tell us that the traffic is extremely large. The picture below shows that statistic of Facebook as of July 2011.

Create Facebook Fan Page

So, in this post, I am going to teach you how to setup a Facebook Fan Page for your blog/site to grab so of the traffic from Facebook. It is not so hard to create a Facebook Fan Page and once your Facebook Fan Page is done, getting traffic from Facebook would be very rewarding for your blog/site.

Create Facebook Fan Page for Blog or Site

First of all, you will need to login to your Facebook account to create a Fan Page. After you have login to your Facebook account, follow this link: Create a Page . Then, you will come to a page like the picture below:

Create Facebook Fan Page
Select the one that I marked with the red arrows "Brand or Product". Then, now, you will have to upload photos for your Fan Page. Look at the picture below, I have uploaded my picture for Earn Money From Blog 2.0 Fan Page.

Create Facebook Fan Page

After adding a picture for the fan page, it looks like the picture below:

Create Facebook Fan Page

If you would like to visit Earn Money From Blog 2.0 on Facebook, you can go here:
Earn Money From Blog 2.0 Facebook Fan Page

Only after you create your Facebook Fan Page, then you can Add Facebook Like Box on your blog. I will teach you how to add Facebook Like Box in the next tutorial.

As you can see on the right side of my blog, there is a Facebook Like Box and it links to Earn Money From Blog 2.0 Fan Page on Facebook. I hope you will click "Like" for Earn Money From Blog 2.0 to help us grow.

Creating Facebook Fan Page Things to Remember

1. Remember to Upload a picture as your Fan Page Logo.
2. Import blog posts into your Facebook Fan Page automatically.
3. Remember to invite your friends and import contacts to like your fan page.
4. Remember to add a Facebook Like Box to your blog.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


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you are a great man of destiny thanks for the vital information but unfortunately for me Google block my adsense account and i try to re-open it but it was all to avail

Maria said...


You can appeal for a ur blocked account by visiting here:

or you can create a new gmail for adsense

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