Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to Automatically Update Blog Posts to Twitter

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Most people have Twitter account. Some people use Twitter to update their friends about their recent activities, some people are using Twitter to get updates from sites they follow and some people are using Twitter as an Internet marketing tool to promote affiliate products to make some money online. No matter what is the purpose of using Twitter, all we need to know is that Twitter is crowded with people and the activities on Twitter are amazingly active.

Twitter Marketing

So, as a blogger, we would be able to use Twitter to our advantage that is to automatically update Twitter with our new blog posts. This would enable our Twitter followers get the most recent updates from our blog and in turn increase the number of visitors to our blog.

How to Automatically Update Blog Posts to Twitter

1. First of all, you will need a Twitter account. If you do not have one, then you can go over to Twitter to create one for free.

2. Once you have created your Twitter account, now you will have to sign up for You will see the page as shown below when you reach sign up page.

Twitter Feed Marketing

Fill in your email and password. Then, fill in the captcha correctly and click on "Create Account".  After you have done creating your account, you will reach the page as shown below.

3. Fill in "Feed Name". Feed Name can be any name that you like, it is for your own use to differentiate between different feeds in TwitterFeed later. Then, fill in your "Blog URL or RSS Feed URL". 

Twitter Feed Marketing

Basically, a Blogger's Blog RSS Feed URL will look like:


After filling in you Blog RSS Feed URL, click on "test rss feed". It should be working properly and it will show "Feed parsed OK". Then, click on the "Continue to Step 2" button.

4. In the next step, you will come to a page (as shown in the picture below) to select the services that you would like to automatically update your blog posts to. The choices here include Twitter, Facebook, StatusNet, HelloTxt and LinkedIn. In this case, since we want to automatically post to Twitter, then click on Twitter. (You can click on other services if you would want to post to other services.) Then, click "All Done."

Twitter Feed Marketing

5. Then, you will come to the next page that requires you to "Authenticate" that grand the access of TwitterFeed to post on Twitter. Here, you will have to click on the blue "Authenticate Twitter" button to login to Twitter account.

Twitter Feed Marketing

6. When your RSS Feed is confirm and the authentication is done, you will see a page like the picture below. Click on "All Done" button on the lower part of that page and your Blog RSS Feed are now linked to So, whenever you update your blog with new posts, it will be automatically posted to

Twitter Feed Marketing Done

Once you have done all the steps, you will come to a "Congratulations" page. There, you can go to dashboard to have a look at the RSS Feed you just added. Look at the picture below. Click on "Go to Dashboard" button.

Twitter Feed Marketing Dashboard

Go to Dashboard For More RSS Feed Dashboard is where you can see all your Feeds that are linked to Here, in the picture below, you can see that my blog's RSS Feed are linked to

Twitter Feed Marketing

In case you have more blogs to add to, you can always add them using the "Create New Feed" to add more RSS Feed and posts them automatically to whenever you update you blogs.

That is all the steps to automatically update Twitter with new blog posts.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


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