Saturday, July 30, 2011

Automatically Import Blog Post Into Facebook Fan Page Wall

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If you have created your Facebook Fan Page following my tutorial "How to Create Facebook Fan Page For Blogger's Blog", now you can automatically import Blogger's blog posts to Facebook Fan Page wall each time you update your blog. This is equal to automatically updating your Facebook Fan Page wall with all your new blog posts. It works almost the same like RSS feed, I hope you know what is RSS feed.

In Facebook, we will use the "Notes" application to automate blog posts importing to Facebook Fan Page.

Automatically Import Blog Posts to Facebook Fan Page

First of all, you will have to login to your Facebook Fan Page, then click "Edit Page" as shown in the picture below.

Facebook Fan page Creation

Next, you will come to a page like the picture below. Then, click on "Edit Import Settings" as shown in the picture below.

Import Blog Post to Facebook Fan Page
After clicking on "Edit Import Settings", you will reach a page where you can paste your blog's RSS link to import your blog posts automatically to Facebook Fan Page wall. You will reach to the page as shown below.

Import Blog Post to Facebook Fan Page using Notes

Once you reach the page as shown in the picture above, click on "Apps" and then go to "Notes", click "Go to App". This is the apps that will do the automated import of blog posts for you.

Import Blog Post to Facebook Fan Page using Notes
You will reach a page as shown above, you will have to paste your blog feed URL into the text box "Web URL". Make sure you "tick" on the "By entering a URL, you represent that you have the right to permit us to reproduce this content on the Facebook site and that content is not obscene or illegal."

Then, click on "Start Importing".

Import Blog Post to Facebook Fan Page using Notes Confirm

Finally, you will reach a last page as shown above for confirmation purpose. Click on the "Confirm" button, then you have completed the setup.

Now, each time you update your blog with new posts, it will be automatically imported into your Facebook Fan Page and all the posts will be displayed on the Fan Page Wall. And, of course, all the fans of your Facebook Fan Page will get the notification of updates.

That is it for this tutorial.

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.


ayoade said...

but how do i get feeds for my blog

Greenleaf said...

Hi Ayoade,

Change the "YOUR-BLOG-ADDRESS" to your address. :)

Ravi Kumar said...

I am not getting Import my blog option on my facebook fan page and I have followed each and every step can you please tell me why....

Adam Evanich said...

Well, great, helped me a lot, thank you :)
, worked for my timeline, hack facebook password , keep it up good post :)

Matt Hughes said...

Thanks for the tutorial, found it really helpful for my needs!
Keep it up doing great work.


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