Thursday, June 23, 2011 Payment Proof: USD$30.00

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Hi guys and girls,
Few months ago, I got paid by I had forgotten to publish the payment proof to share with you. This is the payment proof of my payment which is a total of USD$30.00.

BuySellAds Payment Proof

The picture above is the cashout email of After I requested for cashout, will send me an email regarding the cashout.

Please read on to look at my payment proof from

BuySellAds Payment Proof

The above picture shows the payment proof of

So far, this is the first time I got paid by Basically, is a site for us to sell advertising spaces on our site or buy advertisement spaces on other sites. As a publisher, we sell advertising spaces on our site. The more advertisers advertise on our site, the more money we can make.

I will write a post about soon. I will explain more about in the next post.

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