Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What is Blogger's Blockquote

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Blogger Customization Blockqoute
I am sure you have read blogs and you saw a lot of them are having a small part of their blog posts quoted in a box. Those are blockquotes. I like to use blockquotes on my blog posts because they make my post more appealing and I can use blockquotes to highlight important section of my post.

What is Blockquote?
Blockquote are snippets of memo or notes normally included in a blog post by bloggers. Bloggers normally place some short notes in their post as a highlight or important notice. In Blogger's blog, blockquote can be quoted using a box design just like the examples of picture shown in the later part of this post. 

How to Insert Blockquotesin Blogger's Blog:

Blogger Customization Blockqoute

In, we can quote the important parts of our blog posts using "Blockquote" button as shown the in picture above. The picture above shows the button of "Blockquote". Select the section of your blog post that you want to emphasize then click the "Blockquote" button. That section of your post will be quoted in a customized box.

Samles of Blockquotes:

Blogger Customization Blockqoute

The above picture shows 2 example of blockquotes I managed to find on Google. You can see the picture below, it is a sample of Earn Money From Blog 2.0 blockquote. 

Blogger Customization Blockqoute

You can read on "How to Add and Cuztomize Blogger's Blockquote" to learn how to implement blogger's blockquote on your blog.

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