Friday, September 10, 2010

Triond Biggest Payment: UDS$111.95

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If you have been reading this blog for quite sometime, then you will know that I have been paid by Triond for so many times. This time, this post is about Triond payment proof again. I hope you are already making money from Triond just like me as well. 

I have been receiving Triond income for months. Personally, I am being paid by Triond more than 20 times.. I did not show all my Triond earnings in Earn Money From Blog because the amount that I earned from Triond at the beginning is very little. A day ago, I got my BIGGEST payment from Triond which is a total of USD$111.95 in which USD$104.85 is from Google AdSense and USD$7.10 is from Triond account.

Biggest Triond Payment Proof
The AdSense Cheque USD$104.85

Biggest Triond Payment Proof
The Triond Income USD$7.10

If you are confused why I mentioned Google AdSense, then please bear with me because I will explain why Google AdSense is a part of my Triond income.

Triond is a site in which we can publish our articles and earn recurring (or continuous) income using all our published articles every month. This means that for every article we submitted to Triond, we will be able to make CONTINUOUS income every month. THIS IS IMPORTANT because WE WORK ONCE and NON-STOP EARNING!

Personally, I like Triond a lot because there is large amount of users using Triond and we can share our articles easily and earn much faster than expected. The BEST part of Triond is that Triond allows Google AdSense Ads integration. This means that we can place our Google AdSense Ads in Triond and it will appear in our articles.

So, by using Triond we can earn double income, one income is generated from the Google AdSense Ads and the other one is from Triond itself. Please read on to learn more about Triond.

I am a happy user of Triond and I will continueto publish more articles in Triond because I know that the more QUALITY articles I publish in Triond, the more income I can make from Triond and when my income from Triond is stable, I can slow down and I will be making continuous recurring income from Triond each and every month.

I want to thank all loyal followers and loyal readers of Earn Money From Blog because you guys are great, without you guys, my sharing in Earn Money From Blog would be worthless. I have made my 1st Triond success and now I share the information with you, so, it is your time to make your 1st recurring Triond income.

Enjoy the weekends and make more money online together. Have fun!

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.