Sunday, January 18, 2009

MyLot Payment Proof 8th: USD$11.49

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Yeap, another payment from MyLot. It is a total of USD$11.49 for last month. Have you join MyLot? If not, it would be good for you to join and make some extra money from MyLot. 

MyLot Payment Proof
I got paid by MyLot again. It is not a huge amount. It is only $11.49 but I am very happy with it. I am already making around $100.00 from MyLot. If you have not join MyLot, I would like to invite you to join. It is free and making money from MyLot is quite easy. 

If you are interested about MyLot, you can visit some of the links below. Those links below are the proof of payments from MyLot.

If you are not sure what is MyLot, read more about it below:

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