Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Adding StatCounter to Your Blog

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There are ways to track the number of visitors visiting your blog everyday. In Blogger.com, we can use the "Stats" section to view the number of page views, which posts are getting more traffic, keywords that draw traffic to your blog and who your blog audiences are. Basically, you get almost all details from the "Stats" section of your Blogger.com account. The disadvantage of using Blogger.com "Stats" section is that you have to login to your blogger account to see your blog stats.

If you would like to use 3rd party statcounter, you can actually place unique statcounter on your blog and you can view your blog stat just by clicking on the statcounter widget placed on your blog.

Here I recommend 5 statcounters for blogs. You can check them out and get one that suit you. These statcounter are free but you can upgrade to paid version if you want to.
    blog statcounter
  1. ShinyStat
  2. blog statcounter
  3. StatCounter
  4. blog statcounter
  5. HiStats
  6. blog statcounter
  7. GoStats
  8. blog statcounter
  9. AmazingCounters

Actually, I am a fan of ShinyStat counter. I am using it on my other blogs as it provides good information about the traffic on blogs. ShinyStat is free if your blog traffic is below 1000 page views a day. ShinyStat provides great insights about blog traffic such as keywords that drive traffic to blog, countries, system used by visitors to view blog etc.

What You Need to do to Add Statcounter on Your Blog

  1. Sign up for the statcounter service.
  2. Follow the steps to add statcounter codes to your blog.
  3. Save your blog.
  4. Done. 

Just follow the instructions on the statcounter services that you join and you can add the statcounter to your blog. Some of the statcounter services give users different type of statcounter designs, you can choose the best widget design for your blog.

There are more statcounter services out there,you can try to Google for them. The 5 statcounter services I recommend here is considered good statcounter that are used by a lot of people.

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